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Short Seller Sentiment Analysis: The Top 10 Most And Least Shorted Industries (Days To Cover Indicator)

The following is a list of the most and least shorted industries, based on the days to cover ratio (which expresses total shares short as a multiple of average daily trading volume).

All of the industries mentioned below contain companies with very high or very low short interest, based on the days to cover ratio.

For each entry we'll calculate the average ratio value for all the companies in the industry.

We've listed the top short seller targets below.

Click on any of the links below, and you'll be taken to a page that lists all the stocks used in the industry calculation. (Premium Members: Download the entire list of industries on the top right)

Short Targets: Industries With The Highest Days to Cover Ratio

Radio Broadcasting: Avg Short Ratio = 19.56 days (8 companies)
Newspaper Publishers: Avg Short Ratio = 18.34 days (9 companies)
Diagnostic Substances: Avg Short Ratio = 16.7 days (12 companies)
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining: Avg Short Ratio = 14.5 days (7 companies)
Farm Products: Avg Short Ratio = 14.35 days (13 companies)
Regional Banks in Southwest: Avg Short Ratio = 13.66 days (21 companies)
Northeast Regional Banks: Avg Short Ratio = 13.23 days (66 companies)
Regional Banks in Southeast: Avg Short Ratio = 12.79 days (27 companies)
Wireless Communications: Avg Short Ratio = 12.5 days (35 companies)
Diversified Entertainment: Avg Short Ratio = 12.42 days (14 companies)

Low Short Floats: List of Industries With The Lowest Days to Cover Ratios (i.e. Being Avoided by Short Sellers)

Health Care Plans: Avg Short Ratio = 2.63 days (15 companies)
Major Integrated Oil & Gas: Avg Short Ratio = 2.78 days (18 companies)
Major Airlines: Avg Short Ratio = 2.91 days (6 companies)
Foreign Telecom Services: Avg Short Ratio = 2.92 days (16 companies)
Silver: Avg Short Ratio = 3.27 days (10 companies)
Residential REITs: Avg Short Ratio = 3.49 days (26 companies)
Oil & Gas Pipelines: Avg Short Ratio = 3.52 days (37 companies)
Hospitals: Avg Short Ratio = 3.78 days (11 companies)
Multimedia & Graphics Software: Avg Short Ratio = 3.99 days (17 companies)
Gold: Avg Short Ratio = 4.04 days (49 companies)

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.