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  • Content submitted on March 16, 2014, 10:19
  • On Article Behind The Scenes With Dream Team, CytRx And Galena by Richard Pearson
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    Agree with most of what you state, specifically the sad nature of modern trading that requires "Stock Awareness Campaigns," Sub-Contractor based PR using social media, and so many ignorant traders who believe a good idea in biotech means the stock must only go up.
  • CYTR itself is incredibly cheap for a Ph3 SPA approved pipeline with a dozen indications lined up to take it to Primary First Line across the board. I do believe CYTR would see a great benefit, both publicly & internally with the rapid removal of Kriegsman, who according to early contracts may still have a near "first right of refusal" on ownership/control of M&A at CYTR. He has been the near sole winner of CYTR's work for more than a decade, and lays his career hat on the concept of "Stock Awareness Campaigns" as a way to attract retail money from those who likely should never hand over their cash. In my opinion, he is the epitome of a reverse robbin hood - encouraging people to hand their earnings to Big Money who have the ability to run up and then let flop a biotech in a matter of hours to weeks.
  • That said - Kriegsman aside - CYTR has brilliant scientists actually running the show. A proven and licensed albumin binding technology, & study results from world class CRO's who have ZERO method, ability, or tolerance for the myth they massage results (A scare tactic used by many to make the uninformed panic and hand their shares up the ladder - thus transferring their wealth to someone who probably already is). These bad investors even believe myths that using a site located in the Ukraine, Russia, South America, or Asia means the results are likely as manipulated as the building inspectors - which is patently false, and even required in many instances if you would like to receive global approval from global results. Each Country has an FDA, massive legal hurdles, and even greater oversight from the independent CRO hired to run the study and blindly hand the results to another independent/FDA organization to determine the top-line results, efficacy, and whether the study h as met ALL of its stated goals.
  • It saddens me to see people trading biotech when they don't understand what a Ph1-3,abc even relates too. Not understanding what a SPA means and how incredibly relevant it is to time to revenue.
  • I can add that I believe Aldox will become the #1 First Line Chemo over the next 5 years as results roll in and the indications for treatment expand, with another a decade of non-stop ROI. I rarely am able to state something like this as fact - and never would - except in a case like Aldox
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Disclosure: I am long CYTR.