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DDD Is The Share To Buy.

|Includes:3D Systems Corp. (DDD)

DDD (3D Systems) is at a low, which is great if you're an investor who knows anything about 3D printing.

The advice from the experts is to buy now as DDD 3D systems is currently under valued. Their recent acquisitions and deals will lead to great profits over the coming 12 months.

The 3D printing market is suspected to grow by over 20% this year and 3D systems are top of their game.

The company owns most of the major 3D printing patents and has recently acquired the company behind Star Wars, Hobbit and Harry Potter models.

Recent Acquisitions:

  • 3D Systems Completes Acquisition of Xerox's Oregon Based Solid Ink Engineering and Development Teams
  • 3D Systems buys company behind Star Wars, Hobbit and Harry Potter models
  • 3D Systems Teams Up With the White House to Transform American Manufacturing

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