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Standard And Poors 500, Which Direction Tommorow After March 13th Selloff?

Beware the ideas of March. Wither go the short term direction of the $SPY? and the market?

"You have too many market gurus in this country. They have told you what to do, what to think, what to practice. Think for yourself." fn.

Remember to trade what you see in the next few days, and turn off the volume of the financial TV stations. Look at price and volume interaction- and I can't emphasize this enough! think and look for yourself.

Observation: The Arms Index Trin is very high at 2.46 at the close on Thursday March 13th. Odds favor a quick snapback in the morning, but after that be especially alert. The futures S&P March contract is trading at 1848.15 as this is being written (9 pm PST.) But that really does not tell you that much.

Good luck Traders,