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More TIPs Issuance from Treasury?

There's an interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal about Treasury substantially increasing its TIPs issuance to foreign governments that are afraid of the inflationary ramifications of the huge U.S. debtload. I see this as bullish for bonds, as it should surely hold down long-term rates. After all, even if the CPI is somewhat "rigged", this should still provide quite a bit of comfort to buyers of newly-issued paper. As additional comfort for buyers, theoretically the more TIPs that are issued, the greater the pressure the Fed will feel in the future to hold down the rate of inflation, as it will suddenly have much more "skin in the game". As someone who is very short stocks right now (as of this writing, the S&P has bounced cleanly off the 50-month EMA I've been targeting as a great-looking resistance point), I think it's fair to note this potential removal of a potential near-term "crash catalyst".

As planned, using margin, I increased my SDS position on Friday at S&P 1145, just under the 50-month EMA. As of Friday's close, I was around 82% in SDS (I wanted to go 100%, but they've raised the margin requirements for leveraged ETFs and half my funds are in a non-marginable retirement account), 35% in DUSA, and 5% in YCS. I will stop out a chunk of the SDS (at least everything on margin) if the index penetrates the 50-month EMA and gets into the low 1150s