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Stocks Pop And Drop On High Volume

Today's start to the day appeared as if the market as about to resume its bullish trend. Economic data was non-existent besides a disappointing Flash PMI out of China. Europe was rallying hard on hopes of an optimal Italian election outcome. By mid-morning it became clear the Italian elections were going to be less than optimal. Sellers just didn't stop as Europe close, but continued through the end of the session. Volatility soared more than 30% as this uptrend has come to an end. Big Wave Trading's model has moved to neutral after 3 big distribution days in four days. Today is not what you want to see from the market when you are bullish. We may get a bounce, but this market will need some time to repair itself if we are to get another uptrend. We are in neutral mode as this uptrend has ended.

Today's McClellan Oscillator hit -206.85 an extreme oversold reading. What is funny at the highs of the session the oscillator was neutral. We aren't that far from the highs and to be in extreme oversold conditions is slightly surprising. It would not surprise us if this market finds some footing and reclaims some of today's losses. Anything is possible, but after the past 4 days of market action it is clear the trend has changed. It will take quite a bit to turn this ship around. Regardless of what we'll encounter we'll be ready.

There is quite a bit of economic data that is about to hit the market. Tomorrow we'll see a lot of home related items, consumer sentiment, and the Richmond Fed. Thursday we'll get another read on fourth quarter GDP. Last reading we saw a negative reading and expectations are for revisions to put fourth quarter GDP at .5%. While .5% is better than negative growth the mere fact we are only able to grow at .5% is simply unacceptable. Perhaps we need to revisit our economy and the role government has in it. Government has been running trillion dollar deficits since 2009 and we get .5%? It is quite pathetic. It is time to demand better.

A bounce would not be unexpected here as we are a tad oversold. However, it is clear from the past four trading sessions this market is on edge.

Short-Term Trends:

SPYUPTRENDNO CHANGE2/25/2013149.00-1.90%
IWMUPTRENDNO CHANGE2/25/201389.02-2.21%
QQQUPTRENDNO CHANGE2/25/201366.31-1.24%
USODOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/201333.21-1.16%
UNGDOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/201319.083.92%
GLDDOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/2013154.340.90%
SLVDOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/201328.070.86%
DBCDOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/201327.47-0.47%
FXYDOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/2013107.352.32%
FXEDOWNTREND NO CHANGE2/25/2013129.55-0.96%

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.