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Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

|Includes:FAS, FFNT, Halcon Resources Corporation (HK), IRE, JKS, LNKD, RENN, RF, UMDD, VLTC, YINN

Big Wave Trading Margin and IRA accounts remain nearly fully invested (85%-95%) as our Market Model remains under a full BUY signal. That signal was triggered on 1/5/12. Big Wave Trading is currently watching the current pullback to see if it will result in a short-term top or a normal pullback that will lead to a resumption of the current uptrend. As of Friday, there are no distribution days to signal that anything more than a pullback is occurring. Big Wave Trading will use this pullback to sell off any stock showing a loss or any stock lagging the overall market by a significant degree. The money raised from selling our laggards will be deployed in new long positions or current long positions accordingly as they arise. If the pullback gains steam and distribution days mount, measures will be made to raise cash as indicated via our Market Model as it switches to NEUTRAL or SELL.

Top Current Holdings - Percent Gain (non-margin) - Date of Signal

FFN - 51% - 2/7/12
IRE - 51% - 1/12/12
JKS - 37% - 1/27/12
MOTR - 49% - 2/2/12
RENN - 34% - 1/11/12
YINN - 30% - 1/5/12
UMDD - 26% - 1/5/12
RF - 25% - 1/5/12
FAS - 24% - 1/5/12
HK - 22% - 1/9/12
LNKD - 21% - 1/19/12

Disclosure: I am long FAS, RENN, UMDD, LNKD, HK, YINN, RF, MOTR, JKS, IRE, FFN.