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NFTRH112 Out Now...

|Includes:SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA), GDX, GDXJ, GLD, GLDX, QQQ, SIL, SLV, SPY, UUP

And drum roll please... it tells subscribers that it is NOT SURE OF WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT! :-)

I want to highlight something I think is very important; none of us - you, me, anyone - should take in only one viewpoint or orthodoxy when managing something as violent and multi-faceted as the global financial and asset markets. 

Subscribing to newsletters can be very helpful - and to be honest, if I were not writing one and thus in need of inner calm and peace, I would be subscribed to a couple or few reputable ones in order to cross reference ideas and data points.

But nobody should ever get behind one genius and let it go on autopilot, is all I'm saying.  These are the markets and they sometimes tend not to care what any one mortal happens to think.

That said, the USD has come to our target - yey!  But the crosscurrents are significant and while NFTRH remains on theme, the very fact that the main indicator to the current theme - the USD - has come to target, means that it must now do what is envisioned at said target; namely decline.  We'll just have to see what transpires, and adjust if compelled to do so.

The Speculation portfolio is +34% for 2010 (less than many subscribers, due to my relative ongoing risk management I would assume) and 136% above baseline (9/28/08).

Disclosure: No current positions in GDX or GDXJ. Several open longs in various gold stocks.