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NFTRH30 Out Now

NFTRH30 starts off with what is likely to be the first of several segments to come about trading and portfolio management. We can have all the fundamental education in the world but this can be totally negated by counterproductive trading habits and a poor risk management regimen. There is so much more that goes into effective trading against a world of competitors, all would-be winners in a game that relatively few actually win at. Trading is not 'one size fits all' and there is a heavy psychology element that I believe disqualifies most normal, well adjusted people unless they are willing to do the work of self reflection and understanding and break deep seated habits and impulses. NFTRH30 has only scratched the surface of this extremely interesting and potentially rewarding subject.

Gold and gold stocks are looked at in much detail as is an individual gold, silver and copper miner New Gold (NYSEMKT:NGD) that I have owned in one form or another since buying the dear departed Metallica Resources at a buck several years ago. A NOBS research report on NGD is also forthcoming as part of NFTRH30. The gold-silver ratio is again used for a take on general market and economic sentiment, this time in a weekly view. Broad market and commodity risk level is noted. The dollar remains on the course NFTRH has been following for several weeks and current portfolio structures are reviewed.

NFTRH30 is 12 pages of what I consider very relevant material at this juncture.