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Brent Cook on BNN

|Includes:Almaden Minerals Ltd (AAU), FSM, GDX, GDXJ, GLDX

This update was produced as we dealt with the whipsaw in the gold sector, while remaining rational and emotionally grounded.  But here I want to excerpt part of the update that I think blog readers will find interesting. 

I highly recommend watching all 7 interview videos of geologist and newsletter writer Brent Cook, at BNN.  As noted below, Mr. Cook is a pleasure to listen to and you will gain some nice insights. 

BTW, I do not know Mr. Cook, have never communicated with him and stand to gain nothing by pointing you to him.  I was just impressed is all, and feel that the content adds value to the blog.

"Good morning,

[Technical parameters on HUI and charts omitted]

These are our parameters and today I will try not to work you over with too much input.  If something is unclear, pop a mail to

Separately, thanks to subscriber 'GC', I would like to present this BNN interview with geologist and resource stock newsletter writer Brent Cook:

Listening to him talk about various mining and exploration companies is a pleasure and I strongly suggest you take a listen to all 7 segments of this interview.

Quick recap: 

  • Expecting a 'liquidity event' (born in Europe) that would provide buying opp. in the resource sector
  • Prefers gold over other 'resources'
  • Very positive on NFTRH holdings Fortuna Silver and Golden Predator
  • Has good things to say about,, & (in the event readers may wish to look into these more closely - I am putting them on radar)
  • Top picks are long time NFTRH favorite Almaden Minerals (AAU/ and Lara Exploration (LRA.v), which is another prospect generator
  • Listen to his discussion of Almaden:  "chances for a real home run"... "good, big, sexy system" [at Ixtaca]... Almaden keeps its favored properties and options out others within its lower risk business plan [which is something I have always liked about this company]



PS:  I happily own both AAU & FSM (Fortuna Silver's new US listing)