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Long Bond Proxy TLT Supports 'Relief Rally' Case

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It appears to be dangerous right now to read anything more than bear market relief into the current broad rebounds, impulsive though they are.  Risk to deflationists and bears became actualized as SPX loaded the 1360 target off the 'W' and as European ministers did what they had to do to keep this entire Ponzi scheme from unraveling.

The can is kicked down the road and US policy makers lay in wait to potentially go all 'me too' and go all in to keep the greed and desperation alive.  I have rarely seen a time when the risks were so pronounced to both sides of the bull/bear equation.

Or, have we transcended bulls and bears?  Are we so far off balance sheet now that this is just a giant arcade game - red and green lights flashing non stop - pretending to be an actual market?  It is no wonder more and more people are getting off the grid monetarily and otherwise.

OWS?  Come on now.  You have seen the videos.  This is trend following.  It is also revulsion, anger, desperation and yes, revolution.  But there is no curative message coming out OWS that I can see.  More like 'off with their heads' retribution.  Sadly, these are the chickens coming home to roost after years of rape and pillage by the financially privileged and elite.  The greed they protest against was very real and the damage inflicted on society very real.

Speaking of 'real', I will reel this post in because it started as a look at the T bond, nothing more.  I guess the point is, though the markets are gamed, run by black boxes and desperate manipulators, we are real people and this game is dead serious.  There is a market life and there is real life.  The gold stocks I follow are a means to successfully playing the game, as are other aspects of the markets.

But since day 1, the real message has been to get off the ever more dangerous financial grid, own what you own, off the debt and live happily.  I have no idea whether inflationary policy or deflationary collapse is going to carry the day beyond the current Wall Street Bonus Season extravaganza.  But just in case things go the wrong way (is there a right way?), people should have sound practices to fall back on.

More to come over time, because even I am not sure exactly what I am trying to say above.  :-(  I think sometimes I just get a little bored with being the dispassionate chart reader guy.  :-)