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NFTRH183 Out Now

|Includes:AAU, DBC, SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA), FXE, GDX, GLD, GLDX, IEF, PVG, PZG, QQQ, SIL, SLV, SPY, TLT, USO, UUP

The last week has given the analysis a firm foothold as questions are being answered and plans locked in. It's all we can ask for from the markets... direction.

Today I'll let Derek, a new subscriber who is busily reading NFTRH's entire archive (he's up to NFTRH30) back to September of 2008, provide the promo.

Personally, I cringe at the thought of this because I know the letter was not then what it is today stylistically or format-wise. I also know I have screwed up a few times along the way. :-(

But I also feel this thing is the best damned financial market newsletter out there. But then, I have to feel that way or else why do it? On to the pertinent points from the email exchange...

Derek: "Was just reading the October 2008 NFTRH editions. Wow! Such great calls on the price targets for the HUI and AU."

Gary: "Of course you just know I need to request to use your words for a little promo. ;-)"

Derek: "Go ahead and use my utter gob-smacked-ness for a promo." [not sure what gob-smacked-ness is -gt]

Derek: "Do you read FOFOA?"

Gary: "No, but another subscriber says I should. I don't have much room for outside stimulus. I hear good things about it though."

Derek: "I appreciate your personal answers to my messages. Right now I have read up to NFTRH30 and continue to be amazed by your ability to call turns in the markets and give common sense takes (& targets) on what is going on in the world of finance. I turn 50 in June and feel certain I will be shorn of all funds taxed from me via SS and the xxxxxx system (my wife is also a public employee and has for 20+ years contributed to a pension which I think will gladly pay off the boomers just in time to give her worthless FRNs). If you can't tell I'm a believer in the 4th turning/great unravelling theme of our time. I especially liked your message of debt reduction, life enhancement and valuing what is real. Thank you for being there as your POV feels like an anchor for how to proceed with investing in the paper markets (I've been accumulating physical when I can, but I've also been cold-cocked in the miners).

Sorry for the lengthy reply but I noticed in one of the reports you were gratified by feedback reflecting learning. I feel like you've turned on a light of wisdom for me. This is the highest praise I can give. btw: FOFOA is esoteric and I believe will only confirm your current POV, so you miss nothing other than an unusual take on what the post 'now' will be like. He's not unlike Clif High and Half Past Human, only that his bete noir is a world where savers are not gobbled up by debtors in the guise of do-gooderism and that Au is the antidote to stealing from the prudent (very "Mises" so to speak).

Eagerly awaiting my first "fresh" NFTRH."

Me again: The thing he mentions about learning is probably the most important element of this service. I do it commercially, but it is not for robots who want to be told what to do. It is for critical thinking people to get ideas from and if you think I have not benefited from the ideas these people shoot back at me, think again.

Edit (11:30) One more from Derek (I just know he's going to find some clunkers in their sooner or later)...

"At one point you called for 680 Au then realized it should have been 780 and then then Au went to 801 before rebounding...I'm up to #34 now and it's kind of wild to go and check your targets against the weekly charts --as yet you were never "wrong" in the turns which are what I feel are the most important thing because they inform my decision to sell out or wait to buy. These turning points are what was missing for me. The 4-step sketch in in #183 is quite compelling as for once I would like not to be on the stupid side of capital flows...the yield curve analysis is quite an eye opener. Have a great Sunday as now I must go tend my flock. blessings to you, Gary"