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Quick Notes

  • HUI is fooling around with critical short term support noted in an email update yesterday. Hence, I have dumped some non core stuff and am looking to add a few gems getting puked up.
  • Not to practice after the fact reporting, but ZSL was added back late yesterday before being dumped this morning for 8% gain. For a good analysis of silver as a monetary metal, check out NFTRH subscriber Monty's blog. I don't wish to fool w/ the silver bugs too much.
  • I remain short markets via EEV, SRS, SKF, TWM and an outright short on the SPY, but am on the lookout for bulls who want to come out and play. Meanwhile, much of the risk is being taken out of the gold sector and the early stages of looking for golden opportunities are upon us. That will become the focus rather than managing the top in the markets, which I have done for far too long and which really sucks.
  • I have a much sunnier personality when I am able to do positive, proactive things as opposed to worshiping pain and destruction.

Edit (1:00) SKF +12% realized. Thank you. More money for PM opportunities. Edit (1:25) SPY short covered +3% and change. Real Estate (NYSEARCA:SRS), emerging markets (NYSEARCA:EEV) and small cap (NYSEARCA:TWM) ultra shorts still held for now. Edit (1:54) EEV (12%) and TWM (5%) gone. With the PM's so well corrected here, the risk is just not what it was a couple weeks ago. Why not book profits from bear positions and look to add back later? SRS still held for now.

Disclosure: Less short the markets per the above.