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The Worst Is Behind Us In Europe

|Includes:ProShares UltraShort Euro ETF (EUO), EWG, EWI, EWP, SAN

I know the collpase of Europe is a highly attractive investment case for many but at the risk of getting are a couple of Charts illustrating why Mario Draghi is right. From a sovereign perspective, the Worse is behind us in Europe. The ONLY caveat is SPAIN on which we have extensively written. The worries are justified but it is a BANKING crisis and could be solved Irish style. Regarding GREXIT, if it does happen, I very much doubt it will be disorderly. The contagion fears in my opinion are unfounded.

  • Italy's 10 year yield

  • Ireland 10 year yield

  • France 10 year yield

  • Portugal 10 year yield

  • Spain 10 year yield

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