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PC Industry Not Necessarily Doomed To Fail

The PC industry is not necessarily doomed to fail thanks to the "hardware model transitions" taking place in the business markets and the growing popularity of low-cost notebooks and "hybrid" PCs, says Avril Wu, DRAMeXchange's research analyst.

According to Wu's report, Hybrid PCs -ie. 2-in-1 Notebooks that combine elements from both tablets and laptops- will become more and more popular among consumers as they become aware of their practical nature and improved mobility. On the other hand, with an increasing number of enterprises looking to switch to new PC hardware following Microsoft's promotion of its new operating systems and the successful "marketing efforts from HP and Dell," the PC industry is believed to be able to rise up again and withstand the influences of smartphones and tablets.

"Assuming that their productivity-related functions and mobility aspects cannot be easily replaced, the shipments of PCs are projected to remain steady at around 3 billion units in 2014," said Wu. "PCs may not be able to attract as much hype and attention as innovative products, but they are still perceived to be necessary to the computing industry."