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The Original Netflix Outside The USA

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Netflix, started in the USA, then moving to Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, the UK & Ireland, and now Scandinavia is still unavailable in many countries. Also to the chagrin of many movie and TV fans overseas, the content available on Netflix outside the USA doesn't always match the US version of the service. So although Netflix has made a lot of headway with regards to their international reach, it's still left Netflix fans wanting more.

It is actually possible to get Netflix outside the US on your typical Netflix streaming devices like Android, iPhone, computers, and even internet or smart TVs. You just need to connect to a VPN.

VPNs are typically used in business applications, allowing you to connect to home severs from a remote locations. Many small business owners use a VPN to connect to their home office while across town, and larger businesses can allow employees stationed overseas to securely download or upload data from their mobile devices.

VPNs can also be used to change your IP address. Though changing your IP goes by many names, including 'faking' 'spoofing' or 'masking', essential it's all the same process. You are encrypting your data and rerouting it's path through a private network of servers.

For some, the change of IP is a necessary means to and end. These people are simply looking for the encryption that VPNs provide. For others, the change of IP is part of the appeal of the VPN.

For example, Netflix fans all over the world can use virtual private networks to get a US IP address and access the US, original version of the service.

VPNs can be installed on smartphones and computers very easily. In fact, many VPN services have started using plug-n-play apps that take out all of the technical expertise needed in installing a VPN on your phone or computer. A few click, and you're now virtually located in the USA. Getting a VPN connection on your internet ready TV is a bit more complicated and requires a some expertise (or an ability to follow directions from YouTube), but it's also possible.

There are wide range of VPN services available, and most will provide access to US servers. However, prices will vary greatly, and cool features such as server load monitoring, free server switching, unlimited bandwidth limitations, and a user-friendly VPN interface are not available from all service providers.

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