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Should I Move My SIMPLE IRA To An IRA Of Dividend Growth Stocks?

I have been reading the site and just became a member today. I have enjoyed you comments and agree with much of your ideas. I am 42 and have also become a dividend growth investor of late.

I have 12 Stocks in a monthly share builder account and I am adding 1500$ per month to them. I plan on increasing the total stocks to 25-30 over the next few years for diversification and safety. Unfortunately this is a taxable account due to my income I cannot contribute Pre-tax to an IRA or Roth.

I do Max out my Simple IRA and I get a 3% of my income as an employee match.

My question is that I am considering taking the 340000 + SIMPLE IRA and transferring most of it to a brokerage IRA (poss Sharebuilder) and add about 15000 to 20000 a year From the Simple IRA to the IRA each year so I can start my own individual Stock Dividend Growth Portfolio. I have been averaging 9.8% over the last 5 years, but that was with "lucky" timing durning 2008-2010. I am thinking I would prefer the less volatile Dividend Growth style. I am planning on maybe retiring in about 17 years or at least have the option.

What are your thoughts and comments????