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Dig in to Rare Earths

 I recently became interested in Rare Earths as industrial metals. Informative background articles: and

It seems pretty clear that these (currently obscure) companies control places where supply is bottle-necked against demand; that can only mean rising prices. And it looks like the proportional reward coul far greater than any of the more traditional commodities.

I bought shares in Lynas (LYC:AU or LYSCF.PK) shortly after the Chinese did (paying nearly a 50% premium to do so), and after further research into the subject, I still couldn't predict which company is going to outperform the others. So I added every other rare-earth miner I could find: AVARF, GWMGF, and RRLMF (US tickers; if you have a Canadian broker, buy the ordinaries). 

Today the sector is heating up, and all four of these stocks are up.