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United States Of America The Great Country - Draiman

United States of America the great country - Draiman

I once believed we lived in the greatest country of all, but now, not so much. Our leaders have spent our tax money so foolishly that we can no longer support our own families. They give so much to those that choose not to work and charge more in taxes to those that do to pay for it. We give so much money and supplies to other countries, but with all our resources, we cannot take care of our own. We make laws and paperwork to adopt U.S. children so strict and complicated that we get them from other countries; again, our leaders choose not to care for our own. They vote themselves large pay increases again, it is our taxes. We fight everybody's wars, lose family lives, and then pay to rebuild their countries so they can live a better life. What about us the American family, what country will save us from our government? Not any country because our taxes have made our leaders and military so powerful that they could not compete. We need real Leaders, not the list of them that our Leaders chose for us to vote on. Always remember, you have a right to vote, but they supply the list of candidates that you can vote for. Our Government is one big loophole, whatever they want, there will be a law voted in to get it. God bless all the good people that do exist in the U.S. of A.

Do you believe the election process is fair?

I do have to add that there are some very good candidates out there, but they do not have the financial backing and resources to win an election, even the media ignores them. It is the masses of voters who can change our government by voting for the most qualified candidate, not the one with the most money. Money does not equate qualifications. This is still a democracy and we the people, if we all vote; we can take back our government. We outnumber the special interests voters. After all, it is a government by the people for the people - not the other way around.

When an elected official performs his job honestly and properly, than there is no need for a 4 million dollars plus to be elected for mayor of Los Angeles.

YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2013