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Do You Want LA To Follow Detroit? Be Carful Whom You Vote For As The Next Mayor Of Los Angeles – By YJ Draiman

Do you want LA to follow Detroit? Be carful whom you vote for as the next mayor of Los Angeles - By YJ Draiman

When millions of dollars are spent by Unions to support a specific Mayoral Candidate in LA, it is time to question the candidate's loyalty to the people.

Our city is in dire financial crisis, our economy is in shambles, businesses and people are leaving the city in droves. Sounds familiar? - This is what is happening in Detroit. Do you want the same to be repeated in Los Angeles?

The Odor of Favoritism, Monopoly and Union Pressure is raising a Stink in LA politics.

Candidates courting Union money for their campaign coffers are costing taxpayers jobs and higher rates for city services. Let us address what is rotten in Los Angeles politics when many of the office-seeking candidates raised campaign funds through backroom politics and cronyism rather than looking out for their constituency.

We want to get the word out that the public trust is being manipulated, and this will be another cause in advancing the city of Los Angeles to Municipal Bankruptcy and total economic collapse.

Let the people vote for the independent candidate whose allegiance is to the people of Los Angeles and not the special interests.

It is government by the people for the people.

Let us all vote and take back our government.

YJ Draiman for Mayor 2013