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Yehuda “YJ” Draiman - Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017 YJ Draiman is the lead elected official 4th term, for the Northridge East Neighborhood Council – NENC, he is also the liaison between the NENC and LADWP. As an Energy Efficiency Advocate YJ Draiman is known for his advancement in... More
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  • 8 Vie For Los Angeles Mayor In Upcoming City Primary - Yehuda YJ Draiman 3 comments
    Mar 3, 2013 2:13 PM

    Decision 2013

    Information about candidates and issues in the March 5 Southern California elections

    8 Vie for Los Angeles Mayor in Upcoming City Primary - Yehuda YJ Draiman


    The eight candidates are competing for a seat to be left vacant by termed-out Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa


    By Jason Kandel| Saturday, Mar 2, 2013 | Updated 11:34 AM PST


    (click to enlarge)

    In alphabetical order (Top row from left): YJ Draiman, Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, Kevin James. Bottom row from left: Addie Miller, Jan Perry, Emanuel Pleitez, Norton Sandler.

    Eight candidates are vying for mayor of Los Angeles in the city's primary nominating election to be held on Tuesday.

    In order for a candidate to win the seat outright in the primary, the candidate must earn 50 percent of the vote. Otherwise, the top two candidates from March 5 face off in a General Municipal Election on May 21.

    Below are bios of the candidates, in alphabetical order:

    Yehuda "YJ" Draiman

    • Job Title: Neighborhood council secretary
    • Age: 63
    • Background: Energy consultant; Active on the Northridge East Neighborhood Council; He lives with his wife, Miriam, in Northridge. They have two adult sons.
    • Website: www.yjdraimanformayor.org

    Eric Garcetti

    • Job Title: Los Angeles City Councilman
    • Age: 42
    • Education: Bachelor of arts and master's of arts from Columbia University
    • Background: Grew up in the San Fernando Valley; Lives in Silver Lake with his wife and 1-year-old daughter.
    • Website: www.ericgarcetti.com

    Wendy J. Greuel

    • Job Title: Los Angeles City Controller
    • Age: 51
    • Education: UCLA
    • Personal: She lives in Studio City with her husband, Dean, and their son.
    • Website: www.wendygreuel.org

    Kevin James

    • Job Title: Radio broadcaster/attorney
    • Age: 50
    • Education: Undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma; doctorate of law from the University of Houston Law Center.
    • Personal: Lives in Los Angeles
    • Website: www.kevinjamesformayor.com

    Addie M. Miller

    • Job Title: Citywide advocate
    • Age: 63
    • Background: Ran for LA mayor in 2005
    • Website: www.addiemiller.us

    Jan Perry

    • Job Title: Los Angeles City Councilwoman
    • Age: 58
    • Education: Master's degree in public administration
    • Personal: She lives in Bunker Hill.
    • Website: janperry.com

    Emanuel Alberto Pleitez

    • Job Title: Technology company executive
    • Age: 30
    • Endorsements include:
    • Background: former aide to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; chief strategy officer of Spokeo; He and his wife, Rebecca, live in El Sereno
    • Website: http://www.pleitezforla.com/

    Norton Sandler

    • Job Title: Factory production worker
    • Age: 67
    • Background: Member of the Socialist Worker Party
    • Website: None; he can be contacted by email: nortonsandler@att.net.

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  • jdraiman
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Do you want LA to follow Detroit? Be carful whom you vote for as the next mayor of Los Angeles – by YJ Draiman


    When millions of dollars are spent by Unions to support a specific Mayoral Candidate in LA, it is time to question the candidate’s loyalty to the people.


    Our city is in dire financial crisis, our economy is in shambles, businesses and people are leaving the city in droves. Sounds familiar? – This is what is happening in Detroit. Do you want the same to be repeated in Los Angeles?


    The Odor of Favoritism, Monopoly and Union Pressure is raising a Stink in LA politics.


    Candidates courting Union money for their campaign coffers are costing taxpayers jobs and higher rates for city services. Let us address what is rotten in Los Angeles politics when many of the office-seeking candidates raised campaign funds through backroom politics and cronyism rather than looking out for their constituency.


    We want to get the word out that the public trust is being manipulated, and this will be another cause in advancing the city of Los Angeles to Municipal Bankruptcy and total economic collapse.


    Let the people vote for the independent candidate whose allegiance is to the people of Los Angeles and not the special interests.


    It is government by the people for the people.


    Let us all vote and take back our government.


    Thank you


    YJ Draiman for Mayor 2013


    3 Mar 2013, 02:14 PM Reply Like
  • jdraiman
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Jobs and the Economy – solutions – YJ Draiman for Mayor r6
    As Mayor of LA, how would I create jobs? We have a tremendous amount of natural resources here in Los Angeles, which we need to develop. To put it succinctly, "You can not drill for American oil and natural gas in China, Saudi Arabia or anyplace else other than America."


    The more domestic energy we produce, renewable and non-renewable, the more domestic jobs we create. Moreover, jobs in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas pay more than twice the national average. At the same time, the domestic energy we produce will increase R&D in renewable energy sources, thus, increase efficiency.


    Just look how far we have come in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the past 10 years. I intend to accelerate that trend, and to take advantage of every resource possible in technology and funding. As I stated many times; “Those who control the energy supply control whole continents”; “Those who control the water sources control life”.


    Americans should demand products made in the USA. We can produce a better product with better quality at a competitive price. It is my intention to provide numerous incentives to retain businesses here in Los Angeles, and to offer those incentives to bring businesses back to Los Angeles.


    Employment creates revenues and saves the government money and resources by taking the unemployed off the government subsidy and social services. It also creates the “multiplier affect”, which is a snowball of economic growth.


    One of my top priorities is to ensure that we continue to develop and promote renewable energy sources. Many in the natural gas industry believe the day when renewable energy dominates our energy landscape is far off. I disagree. With American ingenuity, innovation and determination, the dawn of renewable energy sources can be upon us now.


    What I propose is a "do-it-all strategy" in which we focus not just on developing renewable energy, but also on the development of our abundant fossil fuels. While further technology and innovation in building construction would need to be developed, such need would also provide more jobs. More importantly, our reliance on over-priced outside energy would be decreased resulting in positive economic growth.


    I would promote the design of a thermal solar system that provides energy, heat and hot water. In addition, I would initiate a new and advanced fuel technology for vehicles such as hydrogen, natural gas and ultra-capacitors for energy storage. Los Angeles wastes an enormous amount of energy and work hours due to traffic congestion. I plan on an expedient advancement of our public transit system and devise systems to reduce traffic congestion.


    In urban areas: roads, sidewalks, buildings and other structures prevent rainwater from being absorbed in the ground and replenishing the aquifers. It is time for us to compensate for that loss by collecting the rain runoff into retaining ponds. We need to implement the use of rainwater harvesting, gray water technology, collecting the billions of gallons of rain runoff into retaining ponds, desalinization projects powered totally by renewable energy (solar and wind combo systems) and other methods of conserving natural resources. As such, we would make existing renewable systems more cost effective and more efficient.


    The result of my programs would be the increase of jobs, the decrease of energy and operating costs, and a reduction of our reliance on foreign oil. That in turn would result in decreasing the deficit and creating permanent jobs.


    In short, the key to Los Angeles economic recovery is not an increase in taxes and fees. Rather, true long-term recovery will rely on the increase of efficiency and productivity; the reduction of bureaucracy; and the promotion of businesses and employment. All of which will instill confidence in our economy, generate greater revenues for the city of Los Angeles and other governmental entities.


    American confidence in government is at an all time low. We no longer have the same level of faith in our institutions and leaders that we once had. Consequently, we are seeing a continued erosion of our outlook on the future. This outlook must change by initiating a massive and sound education program that produces innovation and technology.


    We have an opportunity to jumpstart our economy, protect our environment and put our city on the path toward energy security through greater use of our domestic energy production such as natural gas. Our domestic energy production can serve as a foundation for our energy and economic independence. This path will enable us to develop the required innovation and production of other forms of energy sources.


    To realize a course toward energy and economic security we must do what is necessary to instill confidence in the responsible development of our energy sources. We can use natural gas as a solid foundation on which to develop extensive R&D in renewable energy sources, and the efficient means to operate and maintain the mechanisms needed for such use.


    Improving our educational system is the key to our economic survival. In a global, knowledge-driven economy, there is a direct correlation between engineering education and innovative progress. Our success or failure as a city will be measured by how well we do in providing the needed educational tools to promote innovation in all fields.


    Leadership is not a birthright. Despite what many Americans believe, our city does not possess an innate knack for greatness. Greatness must be worked for and won by each new generation. Right now that is not happening. However, we still have time. If we place the emphasis we should on education, research and innovation, we can lead the world in the decades to come. Nevertheless, the only way to ensure we remain great tomorrow is to increase our investment in science and engineering today. In addition, we must invest in trade schools to train our future workers in the new and old technology.


    We have to learn how to balance the need of the people vs. the need to protect the environment. Any extreme to either side is not good.


    In today’s fast moving technologies, government as well as companies must learn to adjust and maneuver quickly to keep pace, or they will be out of business or incur deteriorating revenues and infrastructure. We must learn how to stay competitive and resourceful to survive and thrive economically.


    I submit: Leadership by example. I plan to cut waste, maximize productivity, reduce bureaucracy, increase efficiency and conservation in all city departments and assets, eliminate duplicating tasks and reward excellent performance and innovative methods of job performance. In addition, we have to use the Neighborhood Council’s more effectively; they are the eyes and ears of all the communities in Los Angeles. These are hard economic times; we must all put our shoulder to the task.


    We must put all our differences aside and work together in harmony for the good of the people and the city of Los Angeles. Your vote for me will be one more step in this positive direction and it will be a win for all the people in LA.


    YJ Draiman
    http://bit.ly/draimanf... youtube


    "In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now."


    “Voter apathy was, and will remain the greatest threat to democracy.”
    3 Mar 2013, 02:15 PM Reply Like
  • jdraiman
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Who can save the City of Los Angeles from bankruptcy? – YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA


    I am a firm believer that you can accomplish more with honey than with vinegar.
    The City of Los Angeles is on the brink of Municipal Bankruptcy. If that happens all of LA City employees will sustain a severe economic and financial blow, which cannot be rectified. The people who reside in the City of Los Angeles will sustain much hardship if this financial situation is not resolved amicably.
    I propose that all parties handling the city finances and all Union organizations and other organizations that service the city should put all the cards on the table. Show all expenses and liabilities, a conservative approach to projected revenues, no fudging of expenses or revenues.
    It is in the best interests of all parties to come to a compromise. Remember a piece of cake is better than no cake at all. Eventually the cow runs out of milk.
    Today’s economic and financial situation throughout Los Angeles and the rest of the country as a whole is the worst since the depression.
    The City of Los Angeles must aggressively help businesses in trouble survive and court other businesses to locate in the City of Los Angeles. Businesses create jobs and revenues. We must look at the "multiplier affect of thriving businesses", which creates economic prosperity.


    YJ Draiman
    3 Mar 2013, 02:17 PM Reply Like
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