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CVM Insider Buying

|Includes:Cel-Sci Corporation (CVM)

I sold my shares of CVM a few months ago, because I got fed up with CEO Geert Kersten's shifty messages. He kept promising something big, some sort of surprise, but the only constant was a depreciation of the stock price, dilution, and a very big salary.

However, as with any small cap biotech, insider buying makes people notice. Geert just bought 300,000 shares, and as the CEO of a tiny company in the middle of phase III testing for Multikine, well, that's kind of a big deal.

It's tricky to speculate about insider buying, and could be that Kersten is trying to drum up interest by buying what isn't a necessarily huge amount of shares, but regardless, it is noticeable.

I would feel more comfortable in buying CVM if the dates and timelines were more open. I really have no idea when Multikine might come to fruition, and it is for that reason that I am still holding out from buying. Something is still fishy.

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