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The Alternative Energy Sector And (LIBE)

|Includes:Liberated Energy, Inc. (LIBE)

Extra, Extra, with the market currently enduring a modest decline, it's even more important to think outside of the box. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.2%. The S&P 500 declined 0.3%, with materials and consumer discretionary leading declines among its 10 major sectors. The Nasdaq lost 0.4%. However, we at The Wall Street Voice are here to remind you that adversity fosters strength and alternatives. In times like these, it's especially important to invest in companies going AGAINST the grain. Companies that foster innovation. Companies that achieve success by traveling off of the beaten path. In this market, the proverbial cream rises to the top, and Liberated Energy, Inc., a company established to bring affordable alternative energy to the marketplace, is on the rise.

Alternative energy is a major growth area in the market. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (NYSEMKT:EIA) estimates that U.S solar demand increased more than 32% in 2013. For 2014, the EIA projects that U.S. solar energy consumption will boom by roughly 35%. The anticipated increase in demand will fuel top-line growth at the solar manufacturers. Moreover, President Obama's new environmental plan, revealed last June, imposed limits on existing coal-fired plants, which further strengthened the U.S. solar sector. The president issued directives asking environmental regulators to set up carbon pollution standards for active plants.

The nation is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way Americans utilize and consume energy. And the alternative energy sector, which Liberated Energy champions, has become a truly cost competitive source of energy. is alerting our members to Liberated Energy otcqb:(OTCPK:LIBE) mainly because of management's aggressive approach from R&D to product rollout. Liberated Energy otcqb:(OTCPK:LIBE) is showing its shareholders that the company will create revenue via its newest patented product the Guard Lite. They just released this positive news on January 27th. Members, we believe that (OTCPK:LIBE) is in the right sector, that being the alternative energy sector. With its patented technology powering the Guard Lite, which is one of the most sophisticated solar powered security systems in today's marketplace, possessing the ability to detect intruders and alert homeowners prior to breach of one's residence or office buildings.

Guard Lite is a very efficient technology with 6000 degrees Kelvin lamps and a 60,000+hour lifetime. Moreover, it also produces 300 watts at low wind speed, while being quiet and maintenance free. With this technology combining wind & solar technologies, we believe that as they continue to develop more products, owning its patents and with patents pending, these are all key ingredients to a company's success. Now that Guard Lite is selling online and with so many different applications in the alternative energy sector, we are very bullish when it comes to Liberated Energy otcqb:(OTCPK:LIBE). We believe with only 72,000,000 shares outstanding and (OTCPK:LIBE) only trading at $.08, over the short mid and long term, has another potential acorn that could easily sprout into an oak tree. Members, stay tuned as we are expecting to hear good things from (OTCPK:LIBE) as they continue to sell Guard Lite.

We also expect that the company may rollout several different products that are all green type solar and wind powered. Not only is Liberated Energy otcqb:(OTCPK:LIBE) helping our environment, but they are also helping us save money, as you may see up to 20% off electric bills, as well as your homeowners insurance discounts just by owning these green energy products, which are safe, reliable, and energy efficient. Again, stay tuned, as we will be relaying updates on the company and its performance as they continue with strong, steady growth.

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