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Insiders Buying GasFrac GSFVF.PK

|Includes:Gasfrac Energy Services, Inc. (GSFVF)

Interim CEO Jim Hill of GasFrac purchased approximately 100,000 shares on September 14th @ a weighted average price of $2.19 (source in $CAD)

This is a positive sign after the recent selloff due to a management shakeup; I believe we have seen a bottom and anticipate the stock to move up from here.

A change in management may be exactly what is needed. The product is a game-changer but has been lacking the proper marketing and sales strategy. Bottom line, as they improve their market reach, this diamond in the rough will be poised for polishing. The side by side comparison of production using LPG vs Traditional fracking shows LPG producing at substantially higher margins.

The superiority of the technology is irrefutable. However, the sales team has been unable to demonstrate to incumbents of the Fracking industry, and energy industry as a whole, the superior performance and environmental benefits of LPG technology compared to traditional fracking methods. This product could drastically change the way we perceive NatGas by mitigating the environmental concerns and enhancing production in the extraction process.

Disclosure: I currently hold multiple positions in GSFVF.PK and intend on making additional trades over the next 72 hours.

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Disclosure: I am long OTC:GSFVF.

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