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Former long-time business editor of major US women's magazine and contributing editor at dozens of different "trade" and consumer publications. Author of over 3,000 print magazine articles in past 30 years. Penn Ph.D., centrist Republican. Please visit my blogsites: Baby Boomers-The... More
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Capital Punishment - Markets Through the Looking Glass
  • Why I'm a Gold Bull 13 comments
    Sep 10, 2010 4:00 AM

    by Ellen Brandt, Ph.D.

    The anti-Gold Propaganda overload yesterday shows the DOGs (Dollar Group) are literally scared witless about the Congressional Chinese currency hearings next week.

    This could well be a watershed event, on a par with the Washington Agreements.

    And if the Obama-ites are at all smart, they will ignore the commodity complex; try to move Gold significantly higher; and turn a totally blind eye to the Dollar's coming fall.

    Markets would soar. The Faux Tea Partiers - who at this point seem like Chinese agents - would be thwarted. And the vast majority of Americans will welcome the commitment to get this country back to the productive Center, where it belongs.

    The entire perception of Gold must be changed from this point on:

    It does NOT represent "Fear."

    It represents GROWTH.

    It represents a much fairer world currency regime.

    It represents both Conservative ideals and Progressive ideals.

    It represents the end of the "American Empire," which has hurt 99 percent of Americans, while concentrating our wealth in the hands of a few power-crazed Oligarchs - and a pretty silly bunch of them at that!

    Disclosure: No stocks mentioned
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  • Donald Ingram
    , contributor
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    Except the administration is effectively run and dictated to through the Wall Street oligarchical control of the financial strings, of not only the nation, but of all the so-called elected officials and their bloated, bureaucratic fiefdoms. There's only one thing that requires changing here - everything!
    10 Sep 2010, 05:35 PM Reply Like
  • Venerability
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » There are corrupt and venal people in both major parties and everywhere else.


    But it is extremely helpful right now that both the Dems' biggest constituency, Big Labor, and many tradtional GOP constituencies - manufacturers, exporters, resources, agriculture - are on the same page now re the dire need for the Yuan to start reflecting Chinese power and influence in the world economy.


    Everybody's calling the Chinese "mercantilist." When's the last time you heard that word used politically?


    And Chinese behavior up to this point hasn't helped the Chinese people, either.


    The vast striving-to-become-mid... in China needs higher wages and better infrastructure and a more vibrant domestic economy and all the things that will come with China's looking inward for a change instead of totally outwards.


    They need to have the developed world's goods and services coming into China, as well as much more interdependent amd open markets.


    This is such a potentially exciting and vibrant time in this world, with half of its population poised to experience the Second Great Industrial Revolution, just like the US and Europe did a couple of centuries ago.


    No one should worry about "austerity" now!


    It's a NIMBY-like attitude writ large on a global scale.


    "We have ours. You can't have yours."


    And the Oligarchs who have orchestrated the propaganda have done it very cleverly, using both naive UltraGreens who think they are on the Left and naive Libertarians who think they are on the Right.


    All both groups have actually functioned as are parrots and puppets of the Oligarchs, whose only mission and only agenda is to preserve their obscene wealth via keeping the status quo.


    So the other 99 percent of us - probably 99.99999999999 percent on a worldwide basis - are made to believe there is no hope, things couldn't be worse, and we may as well prepare for the Apocalypse.


    When the truth staring us in the eye is that things could hardly be MORE hopeful, if we will only focus on moving those 3.5 billion people who can't wait to get there into the ranks of the bourgeoisie.
    10 Sep 2010, 07:40 PM Reply Like
  • cpickett
    , contributor
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    I agree that things are potentially very hopeful from a world wide scale. The eastern world is experiencing a rising standard of livng and should continue to so long as there is not another global financial crisis. Problem is there will be.....until banks get there leverage under control and STOP believing that since Senior bondholders in financial institutions have not taken a loss yet....that they will continue to get bailed out so they can be reckless. The other big issue is the debt overhang....this is growing to levels that are unservicable by incomes in the western country's.


    The poltical forces in this country seem very ok with the top 1/2% increasing their net worth every year...while the other 98% (on the whole) lose out. Seems there is such a revolving door established between regulators ....politicans....and the private sector (combined with great influence from lobbyists) that the little guy doesn't have a voice. I think the eastern world will wether this storm and grow into a higher standard of living....but i think the western world will CERTAINLY not. With that being said on a individual level millions of american's will still flourish so there is no need to give up hope but i gotta call them like i see them.


    As far as gold goes i think it is the result of real interests rates at or below zero...which makes it attractive......i also think many realize the financial system is too fragile to handle rising interest rates so there is plenty more room for this to run. Another portion is "insurance" against potential soverign debt strain.
    29 Sep 2010, 08:10 PM Reply Like
  • Ed Caccia
    , contributor
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    OMG, I am In Love with Dr. Ellen Brandt, Ph.D. :-0)
    29 Oct 2010, 08:48 AM Reply Like
  • Stephen Aniston
    , contributor
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    Second that. She'll be an eclectic night out!
    29 Jan 2013, 05:35 AM Reply Like
  • Venerability
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Micmaher:


    I just posted this elsewhere at Seeking Alpha:


    We Gold BULLS - who, despite contrary impressions, make up at least 75-80 percent of those in the sector long-term - don't really like the Gold BUGS, either.


    Gold BUGS, whether they're primarily on the Long side or the Short side, believe Gold is a "Fear" sector, which you buy or sell against other kinds of assets.


    We long-term Gold BULLS firmly believe that Gold is a Growth sector, with incredibly favorable very long-term secular trends.


    The two primary trends are the diversification of the world's currency reserves, with Gold playing a much more prominent part as the months and years go on, and the explosive growth of a viable bourgeoisie in the traditionally most Gold-centric parts of the planet: China, India, the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
    4 Nov 2010, 03:53 PM Reply Like
  • Hans Gruber
    , contributor
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    Thanks for the perspective and clarification between goldbugs and goldbulls! It appears I am a goldbull then........
    30 Dec 2010, 09:44 PM Reply Like
  • retailprodog
    , contributor
    Comments (6) | Send Message


    I think you'll like this article by Alan Tonelson.
    Without a return to US mercantalism, we will not recreate the 50mm lost jobs and halt the decline in the US standard of living. Globalization and more QE2 are a disaster for America, but wonderful for Asia.
    9 Nov 2010, 11:26 AM Reply Like
  • UlrichBenzing
    , contributor
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    Yes, certain people hate precious metals... because the "barbaric relic" can't be increased at will.
    14 Dec 2010, 11:57 AM Reply Like
  • zcairo1
    , contributor
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    Excellent post thanks.
    31 Dec 2010, 02:53 AM Reply Like
  • Michael Cooper, CFA
    , contributor
    Comments (24) | Send Message
    And apparently these gold centric parts of the planet are now increasing their purchases of gold. Financial Times reports that gold sales to China had jumped 30-50% since Christmas. This demand coupled with the ETF effect on investment demand will secure continued demand growth.
    15 Jan 2011, 09:17 PM Reply Like
  • jambo
    , contributor
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    I've come way late to this blog and have read the posts only as a bit interest in what others had to say about what I consider to be an outstanding article.
    I must side with Mr. Caccia on this. Have ALWAYS enjoyed your posts to others' articles and look forward to your comments.
    Your views of the political terrain are as studied and on target as your financial comment and analysis. You rock!
    9 May 2011, 02:18 PM Reply Like
  • Fred Piard
    , contributor
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    Gold Bull Club member since Oct 2008. With another philosophy: insurance.
    I tried to write an article about the Februray 29th sell off in silver (and gold) with a 5min chart to show how an HFT driven price and volume looks like. I made also a parallel between a big bank's losses on corporate CDS and another sell-off series. Well it was a bit "too speculative" to be published. The "silver pump" is not a fashionable subject.
    Another article pending on geographical repartition of search volume about gold in Google. I hope this one will go out of the pipe. One day.
    12 Jun 2012, 11:58 AM Reply Like
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