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Monday 5May14 Will Be A Telltale Day - Slingshot Express To A Bright Future - OR ?

Friday I had to dump DOG and Russell shorts. The last time I was Bullish was March 10 2009 and had 800 pages of notes and 600 or so charts for a Seminar I was putting on regarding Money Migration and 60 stock picks with unprecedented earnings. I have been bearish the last year but especially since December of last year. The chart said I was wrong Friday. (And a Plethora of Fundamentals I find hard to believe.)

Wrong unless you follow this one I used partly as reference in 2009 as to widening disparity.

Will Zombies Chew On The Legs Of Recovery ?

The walking dead aren't the problem; just symptoms of systemic sickness divined into the market genome via manipulation. I fear they only caused compressed multiple delayed bubbles into a dangerous candle with rapid decline velocity exacerbated by faster tech and technicals.

This all leaves me wondering if the FED has unrealistic hopes while blindly placing our economy in the cup of a slingshot towards future growth; avoiding reality with a shell game and a delighted audience. It really might just work ! (Hence selling the Shorts while still profitable.)

Either way TBT is looking good and some of the realestate around Keystone.

I just hope securities don't become a T.I.N.A. (That would scare bear me.)

This plays out while the battle for a decentralized cloud and a "New Commerce" is poised on the sidelines. Numbers of the best and brightest investors have withdrawn from securities; communing together towards higher returns and a "New Renaissance" Tech world, shaping the future that is to come. They are building an infrastructure of exceptional speed; power and capacity towards M2M nirvana from the outside looking in. (Many do make forays into securities and show up within the likes of INVN, NXPI, QCOM, CRNT, CLFD, SWIR and Arista Networks etc)

Will Monday draw some back or just middleclass dumb money? OR will a great crack form in the frailty of Mama Feds creation?

I fear mostly dumb money will blindly run after "anypick securities" while smart money will work within the market helping it shed old dead skin.

I also suspect that Bitcoin has a bright future in the digital commerce world to come.

Perhaps the fastest and most secure backbone on the planet has intentions to centralize the decentralized planetary coinflow? (Hint - Google)