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"Cloud-Density" The Critical Factor Of M2M, Cryptoworld And Bitcoin

Thus far the internet has been a web of linear growth. With Wi-Fi the finer filaments of that linear web have cellular footprints. (The "Great Mergence" of "The Internet of Things.")

As "The Cloud' evolves to larger wider faster linear pathways and smaller finer filaments of cellular dialog; it grows in density which in turn will force the evolution of M2M (Machine to Machine) dialog. The linear handshake of yesteryear's internet is being replaced by an all-encompassing global cloud that is increasing in density and monetization.

The OldBS (Old Banking System) linear handshake is threatened by a much faster more efficient and secure "Wallet in the Cloud" evolution and monetization.

As demand grows density supply must grow; M2M rebroadcast is a no-brainer. FON is a perfect early example of the technology offering an endpoint rebroadcast of the web digital handshake and serving up cloud density. (Still monetized by the OldBS however.) - Scroll out to see the cloud better.

It is already in the works to use decentralized currencies to monetize the cloud; however cloud density will evolve into cellular cloud rebroadcasting along the path of M2M infrastructure. This is quite easy for decentralized currencies whereas a nearly impossible nightmare for the OldBS. There can be millions of "altcoins" or "satoshi" soft or hard coded into every cellular phone or plan that adjusts billing by the ebb and flow of your bandwidth seamlessly and adding to cloud density. (Give all your idle time to the cloud and get credits or coins, use over your allotment and buy a refill. There are a multitude of shades and variations of this theme but if you get my drift you have a liquidity of Monetized Data flow and the virtual real estate of "Cloud Density" all monetized according to throughput, expansion, sphere and usage.)

This is the "REAL ESTATE" on the outskirts of this technology. It WILL be monetized and as density is improved the prices will go up as they always do when occupancy density rises. I see it and others do to; so they are buying up that virtual real estate or developing the infrastructure prior to the movement of the masses into it.

The monetized cloud of necessity will conjoin with decentralized crypto currency. As "Cloud Density" increases; monetization demand evolves.

You must understand that there are think tanks, tech communities, capital investment firms, and special groups working diligently doing a wide array of "Thought Experiments" on these very topics … Yes? Groups from Google Ventures, Y-Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Qualcom, NXP Semiconductors etc. etc.