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Will Brilacidin Become The Number 1 Antibiotic For Psoriasis Inflamation ?

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Could Antibiotics Be the Answer to Psoriasis Inflammation?

Dr Daniel Pearce

Monday, January 21, 2008

"I have had psoriasis since 1973. From 2000 onwards, I have had extensive and sometimes severe flare-ups. I have noticed that whenever I have been on antibiotics for some other infection, my skin clears up. I have also observed that whenever antibiotic ointment is applied on a spot, it also clears up. How this can be explained? Would periodic courses of antibiotics be harmful or have side effects?

This is a timely question given all the bad press certain forms of bacteria have been given over the last year. This is not the first time I have heard this from a patient. I don't think we entirely understand the ability of antibiotics to treat inflammatory conditions, but we know the most with acne.

Antibiotics, especially certain classes, have potent anti-inflammatory properties. For conditions like acne and rosacea, antibiotics may be effective at doses lower than would be needed to treat an infection, which implies that they are working by some mechanism other than killing bacteria.

I am not against judicious use of certain antibiotics for severe psoriasis flares and have seen several patients who have done well with a month or two of a low-dose antibiotic. Resistance to antibiotics - resulting from overuse of these medications - is definitely a concern, but is most relevant with certain classes of antibiotics that I wouldn't typically use for more chronic inflammatory conditions." Quotation marks by Ella Ruth.

For all of the above, we honor the Mayo Clinic Living Healthy publication. Also the good Dr. Daniel Pearce for his insightful comment on the the unique mechanism for action in antibiotics for therapy to psoriasis victims. However, Dr Pearce's proper concern that mild to moderate long term antibiotic use is problematic for antibiotic resistance, is possibly quelled by Brilacidin's definsin mimetic technology. Meaning that Brilacidin could become the number one and most preferred antibiotic for psoriasis inflamation relief. I wonder if Dr. Pearce, at the Mayo Clinic, would consider a special trial using Brilacidin against specific dermatological conditions.

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Advancing A Technological Platform We Are!

Ella Ruth

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