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Ukraine Will Fall To Russia; Obama Looks Weak In Comparison To Putin; Stocks?

|Includes:Cellceutix Corp. (CTIX)

The EU's Health Care Venture Market And Kevetrin

European money, stock markets and venture capital are very important to North America's Canadian and US capital markets. Albeit in differing measures, this is probably unanimously agreed. In 2009, I was told by a European healthcare venture capitalist, that early stage capital for medical related ventures no longer existed, and that any company in need of funding should be on the cusp of generating substantial revenue. Indeed this was after the 2008 crash, and I would surmise that there were at least a few exceptions to this. One of the exceptions shortly thereafter in 2012, was Cellceutix (OTCMKTS:CTIX) whose drug Kevetrin, was offered a University of Bologna sponsorship for a Health EU and or FDA 1b-2A. The sitz im leben of the Bologna/Kevetrin deal is a powerful validation, as to how Kevetrin was perceived early to be a mega blockbuster. Without such, there is no way in heaven, hell or earth between that Kevetrin would have obtained what it did, when it did, from an Italian University. Yet there are those who project Kevetrin to be little more than a very safe tumor suppressor.Wait until Kevetrin is given to stage 2 and 3 cancer patients. Although announced in January 2013, the discussion between Bologna and Cellceutix, probably would have had to have begun in mid 2012.

Will The Fall Of Ukraine Produce Similar EU Market Conditions?

I am not suggesting that the fall of Ukraine, will be as disastrous as the subprime market meltdown of 2008 and 2009. However, I do believe that we have the following near term issues that could cause the general stock market in both Europe and America to substantially correct.

Vladimir Putin The Strongest Leader In Europe

Vladimir Putin will be perceived by his friends and enemies as a man who keeps his word. He is goal is to reconstitutue the former Soviet Union. America needs the likes of Douglas McArthur, Jimmy Doolittle, and George Patton to stop Putin. Such types of men are no longer regarded by today's politically correct as desirable leaders. NATO and Obama are perceived as weak, reactionary and afraid of Putin. Long term we are positioned to loose. Our solution with 17 trillion in national dept, and a stubbornly high unemployment rate, is to admit millions of more low to non skilled immigrants and provide them with government benefits. Indeed we should force companies to remain in America, some obscene profit makers must pay for this. Also, we can focus upon Isis, they have yet to develop air power, thus we can play hit and run. However, major issues such as nuclear Iran and Russian aggression, NATO and America will resort to sanctions.

The winters of 2014-2016, will be major tests as Russia has the ability to raise natural gas prices much higher to it's Occidental neighbors. Of course many Americans will pretend that they have historical amnesia, with regards to 2008, when candidate, later president Obama's message heralded solar and wind energy, as over conventional coal, gas, and oil. Now 6 years later, and trillions of dollars spent, the only way to help Western Europe is with coal, gas and oil. It doth now appear that Sarah Palin's Tea Baggers are the true genius' with their infamous blue collar "Drill Baby Drill". Had we developed the hydrocarbon rich Atlantic and if we were yet using king coal, we could have had enough spare energy to help Europe. Remember we were falsely told in years prior to 2009, that we could never drill our way to energy independence. Who were these prophetic-liars? Where have they all gone? Like an empty well, maybe we should plug and abandon them.

Eclectic Ineffective Action Equal An Afflicted Europe.

Our sanctions, combined with rhetoric will not keep Europe warm for the next three to four winters. Our bold commander in chief, has czar like ordered our military to retrofit and switch from diesel fuel/kerosene at $4.00 a gallon to biofuels at $26.00 a gallon. I am sure that Putin, has choice words to describe the previous biofuel shinsky. Putin, will continue to wink his eye toward his faithful and float giant pictures of a friendly bear, like he did at the winter games. Drilling off the US east coast and in the Atlantic is many years away, unless of course someone appointed a competent oil and gas drilling czar. Dr. Putin, the PhD in economics and judo expert seems to be tossing Barrack Hussein Obama and the EU around. If political and economic weakness ever begin to out weigh low interest rates, watch out below!

The Bright Spot!

Although Cellceutix must be regarded as a very speculative stock. One is which you could loose your entire investment. Kevetrin seems to have been regarded very highly by the University of Bologna.

What thinkest thou?

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