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Moving To The Next Crisis, Meredith Whitney's Reversal, iPad Content For Kids, And Palestinian Investing-

So the next major crisis is now in Spain and Italy as bond yields were up yesterday, but they have retreated today so the market rallies. For many investors, it seems like stock markets just move from crisis to crisis to find something to worry about. Certainly, there are always events and situations in the world which can have a dramatic effect on how much business gets done. Still, I think it is incredibly counterproductive to constantly be worrying about where the next disaster is going to take place, and when. The only good thing about it is it gives someone like myself a chance to buy stocks on a more frequent basis, principally because other market participants have no faith in the long term earnings power of their businesses.

One of the things I love about the equity markets is that they continually test you. You have to know that when you buy a stock, it is going to go down if you are long, and it will go up if you are short. I find it almost hysterical that traders say buy on the way up. Ask them how many positions they own, what their price points are, and how long they have owned the stocks, and get documentation before you run out and listen to the television guys. Oh yeah, tell them to take their pretty charts and graphs and, well, you get the idea.

So Meredith Whitney has changed course about her opinion on Citigroup. Could it have anything to do with the fact that she now has her own firm and maybe, just maybe, could use some more business? Hard to get clients when you are constantly ripping everything, wouldn't you say?

Nice to see there is content available for kids on the Ipad which is put together just for kids

My definition of insanity is investing with the Palestinians. Apparently, there is a big market for it. As if there are not plenty of opportunities in the rest of the world. Knock yourself out Google and investment bankers-

If you forgot the Covestor Next Invest conference, here is a link as it is available through April 21,

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