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Rottneros AB Pulp Producer From Sweden

Rottneros AB is a Sweden-based producer and supplier of customized pulp. It offers market pulp that is sold on the open market, with an annual production capacity of approximately 400,000 tons of pulp. The Group produces paper pulp at two pulp mills: the Vallvik Mill and the Rottneros Mill. The Vallvik Mill produces two grades of long-fiber sulphate pulp: fully bleached sulphate pulp (ECF - Elemental Chlorine Free) and unbleached sulphate pulp (UKP - Unbleached Kraft Pulp). The Rottneros Mill manufactures mechanical pulp (CTMP) and groundwood pulp. The Company is active primarily in Italy, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, Finland and India, among others. It has operations through a number of subsidiaries, including VALLVIKS BRUK AB, ROTTNEROS BRUK AB, SIA ROTTNEROS BALTIC, ROTTNEROS SA and ROTTNEROS GMBH.


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