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Applied Visual Sciences Inc. Homeland Security/Healthcare Development Stage Co.

Applied Visual Sciences Inc., formerly Guardian Technologies International, Inc., is a technology company that designs and develops imaging informatics solutions for delivery to its target markets: aviation/homeland security and healthcare. The Company utilizes imaging technologies and analytics to create integrated information management technology products and services that address critical problems in healthcare and homeland security for corporations and governmental agencies. Its product suite integrates, streamlines, and distributes business and clinical information and images across the enterprise. Its core technology is an intelligent imaging informatics (3i) engine. The technology is not limited by type of digital format. It can be deployed across divergent digital sources, such as still images, x-ray images, video and hyper-spectral imagery. It is focused on providing technology solutions and services in two primary markets: healthcare and aviation/homeland security.

APVS's portfolio of technologies, and product applications, address the physiological shortcomings of human vision by providing enhanced visualization, quantification, material and tissue characterization, and automated target detection and identification capabilities. APVS's technology can analyze digital images from any originating optical source.

APVS currently holds six patents, with several additional applications under review. APVS's two wholly owned subsidiaries have developed advanced image analysis applications employing this intellectual property for specific market segments.

Guardian Technologies International, Inc. focuses on the development of automated target recognition software solutions for the homeland security and military marketplaces.

Signature Mapping Medical Sciences, Inc. focuses on the development of automated medical diagnostic and decision support software solutions for radiology and laboratory/pathology applications.