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Cramer Hates Cisco - Time to Buy Again?

|Includes:Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)
I made good money trading Cisco (CSCO Charts and Quote) by buying when it was about $17 and selling every share (rare for me) at I believe $24... I have been watching ever since for another fat pitch. 

Maybe now that Cramer ranted about Cisco yesterday on MadMoney it is time to reconsider another trade.

Cramer's Lightning Round - I Don't Want to End on Cisco (2/15/11)
Bearish Calls:
Cisco (CSCO): "Are you kidding me? Cisco? No, no it is not a good time to buy Cisco...No. No. Wrong. I need to take more calls because I don't want to end on Cisco. That's too frightening."
Until I see signs that Cisco management is more interested in creating shareholder value rather than shipping wealth out the back door to insiders with stock options, I won't recommend it as a long-term invesment even if it again has good potential for appreciation.
Stocks: CSCO