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Qualcomm: A Sound Investment With Game-Changing Audio Technology And An Even Greater Picture For The Future.

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Since Qualcomm's (NASDAQ:QCOM) inception, it was very clear that their innovative thinking and dedicated ownership wouldn't allow them to settle for anything less than excellent. Their focus and progressive approach continues to be rewarded by making them the global leader in the industry.

As the vital supplier of the Snapdragon Chipset, already one of the most popular chips used in many devices (Samsung (OTC:OTC:SSNLF), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Sony (NYSE:SNE),Nokia (NYSE:NOK), etc.), Qualcomm continues its dominance in the global marketplace of smartphones and tablets.

The company's exciting announcement on April 7, 2014, offering two new chips with 64-bit computing capability to the Snapdragon family, demonstrates its innovative abilities again. Both new chips, due out by early next year, add faster communications, 4K video support (HD TV's inevitable replacement) and more detailed life-like image rendering by allowing hardware to utilize larger pools of memory.

The new Chips, Snapdragon 808 and 810 models use multiple frequency bands that can deliver 2X more data (up to 300 megabits per second), compared to prior models (max 150 megabits per second). The graphics circuitry performs 30% better in rendering images (video/games) and gives a much needed boost as data demand increases.

With global traffic surging by more devices and richer content, the huge data demand has accelerated the transformation toward multimode handsets. This allows Qualcomm to continue to dominate by its inclusion into data intensive devices beyond smartphones like tablets, televisions and even wearables.

The growing Asian market, especially accelerating demand in China where Qualcomm has many licenses, will prove to be an excellent source of revenue particularly after the recent deal with China Mobile (NYSE:CHL), China's largest telecom provider with 775 million customers. China's desire to shift to five-mode handsets by June/2014 is great news for Qualcomm, the leader in LTE broadband shipments, because a five-mode handset carries higher royalties with better licensing margins. China Mobile projecting sales of nearly 100 million devices for the LTE high-speed data services by year's end, should prove to be very lucrative with Qualcomm's expected 70% of market share and worldwide sales expected to exceed a trillion dollars in 2014.

Qualcomm and Max Sound. Making beautiful music together.

Qualcomm's recent partnership with Max Sound (OTCPK:MAXD) is an excellent example of their leading-edge philosophy to seize an opportunity for continued growth. The decision to make MAX-D, Max Sound's proprietary technology (70+ global patents filed) available on Snapdragon S4 8960 Chips to their 86 OEMs provides a strong advantage over its competitors for many reasons:

Qualcomm benefits by MAXD's unparalleled sound because MAXD is to audio, what HD is to video. MAXD's game-changing audio process greatly improves digital sound quality in voice, music, movies and games WITHOUT increasing file size while still providing incredibly clearer, richer, dynamic content.

Literally hearing and experiencing the remarkable difference, I can see (and hear) why MAXD gained Qualcomm's attention enough for them to demonstrate the MAX-D as a case study on their developer network. article and video source: Qualcomm)

Consumers now requiring HD video will demand MAX-D HD sound as well! In fact, just recently industry attendees at Uplinq, Qualcomm's annual event, raved about MAX-D technology as an engineering marvel making every other audio process sound better. Once users experienced MAX-D HD Audio, many said they would never settle for sub-par audio, or a brand WITHOUT the Qualcomm Snapdragon logo ( ).

Including MAX-D's technology in its Snapdragon Chipset family opens the door for inclusion in several multi-billion dollar vertical markets serving sound, such as, internet connect smart devices in auto dashboards expected to be in most cars by 2018. This is a newly created source of revenue of epic proportion for both Qualcomm and Max Sound since both can deliver unrivaled images and sound to date using less data demand in internet applications.

Max Sound is currently being considered for inclusion in sound systems for auto manufacturers. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), consumers and industry attendees who listened to the MAXD-D HD Audio said they were willing to pay more for MAX-D - as much as $5,000 more per car!

Qualcomm can benefit further as industry demand and consumer awareness of MAX-D's technology grows. MAX-D's real potential to become a household name as the standard for digital audio is just beginning to be realized. A public company currently trading under the radar, MAX-D's notoriety and revenue from its partnership with Qualcomm will be realized in no time. Major brand leaders like Sony, Bose and even Apple are always looking for a way to provide consumers with better, clearer audio. With MAX-D, industries such as mobile, home entertainment, headphones, speakers, car audio, video games, tablets and streaming will also boost Qualcomm's revenue, because anywhere a Snapdragon Processor and audio can go, MAX-D can go as well.

Qualcomm is scheduled to report its next quarterly results on April 23, 2014. I am very bullish on Qualcomm continuing its technical uptrend and optimistic about the upcoming fundamentals especially given the recent China Mobile deal which can reach millions of more customers, AND the new Chip-set models and MAX-D, all of which will provide faster, better audio and video to consumers. The opportunity should add to the continued revenue growth and the stock should continue its impressive growth as the year progresses.

Disclosure: I am long QCOM, MAXD.

Business relationship disclosure: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions about both Qualcomm and MaxSound Corporation. After having researched and experienced MAX-D's technology first hand, impressed by their incredible advisory board and management's track record I wanted to and have developed a business relationship with the company. I believe MAX-D will be a household name very soon.