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Another Reason AEGY Is Not Only A Bad Stock, But A Privacy/Security Concern For Users Of Pharmajanes Website

|Includes:Alternative Energy Partners Inc. (AEGY)

***JUNE 6th UPDATE***

AEGY & SKTO were both Halted!!! I have been very clear about how toxic some of these relationships are with regards to collusion etc. Two months ago I gave an update to warn people about AEGY & SKTO again and urged readers to contact their IR departments to see if FINRA had reached out to them etc (See below).

The silver lining is that it appears the SEC has got it right taking out two of the most blatant offenders. Who will be next??? I won't discuss that here, I have a website for that


AVNE a company that is partners to my knowledge with AEGY has been halted. This is a buyer beware scenario that was not anticipated. While you may be Long AEGY or SKTO I would not purchase another share until you here directly from Investor relations that they have not been contacted by FINRA...That is all

The Wolf 3/5/14

Ok, most of you can see that one of the tickers I get questions about all the time which really pisses me off is AEGY (Alternative Energy Partners). I was talking to a pack member (Alan Weedspan) about an unrelated subject because he builds app, websites, etc for high end corporate entities. (He's been vetted so he's legit.) Anyway we talked about the Phamajanes website because since he's in the business (as well as an AEGY shareholder "for now") he could see things that 99% of us can not. In other words he's like Neo in the Matrix. I asked if he could give me a detailed opinion about some of the red flags he's seen. I will post his exact words then give my opinion on AEGY and put this ticker to rest once and for all.

For the record, I have never traded AEGY, and I don't think it's even worth shorting based on these Red Flags and security concerns. Before I got this info I was already very negative on them because of SKTO (that DD is coming so I suggest you run). My Comments are in Blue, Red Flags are in Red

Hi Wolf,

Per your request, here are my complete thoughts on AEGY's tech infrastructure. Like I said, I develop enterprise web apps and sites for large corporate clients, and businesses of all sizes. Sorry if this gets a little dry. Feel free to do whatever you like with this info. These are all just my opinions. Not sure if this is scathing enough to be interesting :-)

The conclusion I've come to is that there does not appear to be a CTO, or a competently technical person in charge at AEGY. was developed by a very small team of developers, a team possibly as small as one person. The person or persons could be freelancers.

My indicators are the following:

* The CEO is the Tech Registrant (and all registrants) on the "whois" record. The "whois" record is the official domain record for The tech registrant is the technical contact in case something goes wrong. This is usually a sign of a one-man operation. So basically if the site crashes or goes offline they have to bring in someone who is not on site because it seems Pharmajanes doesn't have proper Internet Technician… Their site went down like a weeks ago for the record.

* No secure shopping experience. Developers refer to this as an SSL Certificate. It takes about 15 minutes from purchase to installation. However, many freelancers aren't comfortable with all the steps needed to install certificates and sometimes avoid it when possible. From my perspective its done on the first day of development. On PharmaJanes, not only is the shopping experience insecure, but *the registration, login, and password section* is not even securely protected. This is a big security and potentially a privacy issue. This is how I had my identity stolen and $9,000 stolen from a credit card. It took 3 years to straighten it out properly and since then my tax returns take longer with the IRS...

As a note about ecommerce security, it looks like when the user "checks out" that they are forwarded to a check-out system on a different webserver similar to what PayPal offers that is secure where the user puts in cc info. Think Walmart Data breach, it seems to me that people that would order on this site want their privacy to be kept intact, not to mention have their CC details safe...

* The server uses a high-level admin tool. A high-level admin tool lets anyone, regardless of their technical experience, setup domains and hosting environments. One day last week, PharmaJanes was down and it was displaying a CPanel error, which is one of the leading admin tools. In simple terms, this is just not the approach that a team with a high degree of technical competency would take. I won't bore you with all the details, but it screams amateur. So Rookies built the website of a company that says it is making millions? That makes complete sense to me, who reinvests in better tech (Sarcasm)...

* The frameworks are off-the shelf. Aside from a few custom clip-arty pics of doctors, the site is off the shelf and customized through a browser-based UI. The framework layer is Joomla. Some ISPs offer it as a one-click install. Once it is installed, you can customize and build an application from in your browser by installing add-ons. PharmaJanes uses VirtueMart for its ecommerce layer, which is a plug-and-play Joomla add-on. The front-end is a customized purchased template from a site called Moo Templates. None of this makes sense to me, but basically it sounds like they went on the cheap. What do I always say, you buy cheap you buy twice. If these people and SKTO are making so much money as they say (In my opinion, I think its b*llsh*t) why would they have a rookie do this? Oh because they don't have any money. It takes money to make money (unless u are scamming people IMO)...

* In AEGY's defense, they claim their site is in Beta. However, when the first beta arrived and the site was released, it was obvious they were throwing it up in an unfinished state to meet their own self-imposed Feb 1 deadline and hoping for the best. All of the inventory was out of stock. There were odd holes and lorem ipsum placement text as well as a "for investors" news section which was out of place. Sounds like the website was completely unorganized...

If PharmaJanes is successful at getting deals to use their software, they can improve their underlying infrastructure over time. The site is in much better shape overall then when it launched beta last month. I would like to know what their revenue model is and what plans they have to expand relationships outside the incestuous SKTO connection. SKTO is the biggest red flag, I won't even start, but it's an even bigger avoid than AEGY. I could find out tomorrow that Aegy was working with Nazi's and it would still be a buy over SKTO if someone had a gun to my head....

I think PharmaJanes has a cool idea overall. But I'm curious your thoughts on why they are poison…. I have an idea, I want to build and sell hoverboards like the ones from Back to The Future and sell them for under $200...but I can't execute

There you have it, now what are my thoughts? I think if you buy AEGY you need your f**king head examined. There are so many reason for this besides the fact that I hate stocks that break a penny then retrace under it. Its a huge sign of weakness in the market. AEGY can't even move after a PR (or five of them since 1/31) for that matter. Too many Pr's equals a red flag. SKTO is a sham IMO in my opinion, what do they even do except set dates for financials they don't meet. I think they will eventually be halted. Word from some other wolves in the "know" say Finra has contacted them. Call them up and ask. Make sure you record it and tell them you are doing so. Or just visit their Virtual office that's shares by like 4 other groups. They are making so much $ according to them that they don't want to waste it on a physical location.

Long Story Short- AEGY is an Avoid at all costs,they are a bunch of amateurs, piecing poop together at the expense of customers trying to buy whatever the F they sell. Is it even worth it to roll the dice with your credit card? Hell no!!! It is a SELL if you can profit at all, and its a hold unless u can stomach a loss. Hopefully you're not holding much. *** Note I have never had any type of position in this stock, even though I think its a piece of garbage I don't recommend shorting it. Its really not worth it. This gets the official #wolfpackAvoid


The Wolf

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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