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CIGX And Confirmatory Analysis

Back in the 1990's I co-authored a book titled Confirmatory Analysis. It described a way to analyze stocks by combining stellar fundamentals and outstanding technicals to filter stocks with the best potential to appreciate in price. Although I have since some to the view that technical's, i.e. trend following, is the only criteria needed to successfully trade and invest in stocks, I still come across stocks that look exceptionally promising in both fundamentals and technicals.

CIGX (Star Scientific) probably has the most promising fundamentals of any stock I have seen in the past decade. So as to not link only the positive Seeking Alpha articles on CIGX (although that's all I can find), here is the link to all articles and posts on Star Scientific found in Seeking Alpha.

As for the technical's, simply superb. Price is well above its algorithm-defined trendline, it is breaking out above it's prior highs, the Auto Trend Regression channel is steeply up and the Elliott Wave pattern shows CIGX in the beginning stages of a Wave 3 UP. All of the ingredients are in place for a run that the Elliott Wave count below is suggesting will exceed $9.00 in the months ahead.

Disclosure: I am long CIGX.