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GM's Nightmare Before Christmas

An under-reported catastrophe of the LA Auto Show was the unveiling of the official GM song and dance routine for the Volt. While I spend a good deal of time heaping disrespect and derision on PHEVs and the companies that plan to make wonder-batteries to power them, this campaign stands alone at the pinnacle of bad taste and poor judgment. If you need a lift during the holidays, take a couple minutes, watch the videos, then share a link to this article with all your friends.

This version has better sound without the dancers.

I'm sure that Dinah Shore is rolling over in her grave.

After 18 months of writing about the economics of energy storage and explaining why many proposed electrified transportation alternatives won't work unless we can find a way to re-write the immutable laws of physics and chemistry, I'm happy to see that the mainstream media is beginning to get the message and print stories like the recent Plug-in Hybrid Hype Gets Zapped from

Notwithstanding the inane drumbeat of PHEV hype, I remain convinced that batteries, flywheels and other manufactured energy storage devices are an investment tsunami that will endure for decades and provide handsome returns to discerning investors. A complete archive of my articles on opportunities and risks in energy storage investments is available here.

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