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Ending Of The World 12/21/12 Fiesta!

Below is travel information for the Renegade/Axionista Rendezvous, Ending Of The World Party, to take place in Copan, Honduras.

This doesn't happen very often.

On December 21, 2012, the ancient Mayan calendar concludes a 5126 year long cycle, which mythologically began on August 11, 3114 BCE.

At midnight, on December 21, 2012, the constellation Pleiades, known to western society as the seven sisters, will be located in the gaping maw of Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld, the dark space seen within what is known today as the Milky Way.

It is at that exact midnight moment in time, when this zenith phenomena occurs directly overhead, is when many doomsayers believe the world will end, catastrophically. Conversely, it is that moment in time many spiritualists believe humanity will enter a New Age of Benign Consciousness.

Either way, bad or good, this should be a livelong blast! All Seeking Alpha members are invited to attend.


Here's a list of Copan hotels in which I've stayed numerous times. I have no idea if hotels are going to be charging premium rates for the 12/21/12 week.

First, let me recommend

Great friends, Twisted Tanya and Jennifer Mathews are the owners, and can set you up with flight, hotel, and have you personally picked up at San Pedro Sula Airport. Tito, the driver, will put your stuff in his van and whisk you off to Copan for $150 (current price). During the 3.5 hour drive you can ask Tito about Honduras, and the ancient Maya; he's a certified Mayan guide. Much better, and perhaps cheaper than catching a cab from San Pedro to, say, a Holiday Inn, then a cab to the bus terminal early next morning, and then the bus to Copan. Besides, San Pedro is a very dangerous city at night. Might as well skip it and get to Copan the same day you leave your home. Would be a good idea if those coming time their arrivals to split cost.

If you choose to do you own booking, my favorite hotels follow: Udo is a great guy from Holland. Rooms are clean, the restaurant has the best filet in town, wonderful pate, and other delicious dishes. Nice small bar. Rooms are clean, neat, and the hotel is two blocks away from the center of town, about 100 yards from Twisted Tanya's Restaurant. Best deck in town to view Copan. If I decide to throw a party, it will be on this deck, or at Twisted Tanya's. Likely, I'll be staying at Don Udo's. Howard owns this B&B, located about 6 blocks from the center of town. I wouldn't necessarily stay there, but in one of his new townhouses that can sleep four, so costs can be split, and you have your own kitchen. Coffee lovers will enjoy the excellent complimentary breakfast, included. Most popular B&B in Copan.

Howard also has another new hotel up the hill from Copan called, "Terra Maya." I was his first patron. Fabulous view of eastern Copan Valley. Suggest getting the back rooms to take in the view. Cost more, they're bigger, but they come with your own private deck. Massage hut. Outdoor shower. Great gardens. A boutique hotel ranked second of all of Copan hotels. Steep walk up from town, but you can always grab a three-wheeled "tuk tuk" for a buck.

With both of the above hotel owners, I suggest you drop my name. They know what I pay, and will likely cut you a better deal than the listed room rates. Both attended my B-day bash I threw in November. (hit "English" in the upper right corner) Raul, the wealthiest person in Copan, also runs by far and away the best and biggest hotel in Copan. Spacious rooms, big restaurant and pool. A little expensive, but the location abuts Central Park. Close to everything. Best hotel in Copan, in my opinion. A group might consider getting the prez suite, which is HUGE! Sleeps six. Probably already booked, though. Stayed here many times. I love this hotel. Cheap, proximate to everything. Americana Breakfast included. By far, the best view from the corner balcony room of the bustling Central Park. One loud room! But worth it. Fridge in room to store beer. Small pool. Spirited Flavia owns this spectacularly restored 18th century hacienda. Internationally renowned. Where the movie stars stay. About a mile plus from town. Ultra tranquil, with by far the best view of verdant Copan Valley. You can look down toward the ancient ruins. Massage, yoga, horses to ride, candlelit dinners. Near a zip line. Worth visiting this website just for kicks!

This site has other hotels listed for every budget:

Any questions? I will be happy to respond.