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Axion Power Concentrator 68: Beginning Feb. 16, 2012

Three notices to all Axionistas!

First, I am officially inviting all of you to "Mayascribe's 12/21/12 Ending Of The World Fiesta." The week or so long Honduran government sponsored fiesta will be held in Copan, Honduras. I will soon be updating the dedicated Instablog link provided below.

Currently, the link already provides access to a travel agency called Copan Connections, who will coordinate ground transportation and various group activities.

As I understand, there are 16 people who have already booked rooms, before this announcement. I believe most will be arriving on the 15th of December, and plan to leave on Dec. 23.

Two days ago I booked my flight through a travel agency, and the travel agent stated that 30% of my return flight on Dec. 23 has already been filled. The Copan Chamber of Commerce expects thousands will pilgramage to what is planned to be the "global epicenter" for this once in over 5000 years important Mayan calendrical date.

I fully expect return flights to fill quickly because of Christmas.

Please entertain the idea of coming down and celebrating this event with John Petersen, Eggwis and myself. There are many fine and relatively inexpensive hotels in Copan. But I encourage anyone interested to soon make up their minds, because I know of two hotels that are already sold out.

The below link will take you to where more information is provided.

Second, I would like to offer hearty gratitudes to WDD's efforts in creating the Axion Power Wikispaces site. I believe this will be another excellent source of information for anyone researching Axion Power, International, and will well compliment bangwhiz's Google website. Here is the link to that site:

Third, is that I greatly appreciate everyone's time spent in attempting to educate the insidious troll, who has now four times using various IDs attempted to take control and creat havoc within the Axion Power Concentrators. The last thing I ever want to do is use the "delete function" Seeking Alpha has provided as a tool to deal with intrusive persons, making it quite easy to remove comments.

Since so many have personally emailed me, I again took action and deleted all of the troll's comments, as well as all related comments, late last night. It pains me to have to do this, but I will not tolerate anyone coming into the APCs with disruptive intent.

In the future, I suggest all who recognize this person's antics, to not respond, or opt to just write DNFTT (Do Not Feed The Troll).