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Netflix (NFLX): Up Over 740% Since 2012. Read Our Take On It.

|Includes:Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

Netflix has been one of the market's stellar performers since 2012, with its shares rising by more than 740%. There no doubting it's attraction to many investors with many of the technology/growth boxes easily ticked, and now we're seeing analyst upgrades underpinning the most recent price rises.

Technical: many thought the slide in its share price, starting February through to April, was the end of the helicon days for the company's ascending shares. Who knows, that view may yet prove to be correct but after the recent move up, from those April lows, such views are at least put on hold.

In fact not only was the move off the April lows quick but the share price also managed to break the previous all time high. The question now is, when will traders start taking profits? Will they be willing to hang on in the hope of even higher prices, thereby limiting any downside in the next sell-off, or will they take profits while they think they can. Only time will answer that question.

IP's Strategy: this time around the company's been on our Active Team since April providing those subscribers who purchased the stock with a 19% profit so far. Its previous visit to the Active Team turned out to be a bonanza with a whopping 402% profit recorded - the Team's largest since January 2013.

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