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WiMAX Companies Preparing for Increase in Subscribers

|Includes:CSCO, Sprint Corporation (S)

WiMAX operators are gearing up for an increase in data demands by teaming with backhaul solution providers to increase network capacity. Alvarion teamed with Saguna Networks  (ALVR) to provide faster speeds and to account for an increase in data traffic. Mobily, a leading WiMAX provider in the Middle East, partnered with Bridgewater in preparation for more WiMAX subscribers.

WiMAX continues to be rolled out, as Vivid Wireless began services in Perth, Australia using equipment from Huawei. Nokia Siemens Network was contracted by Wi Tribe to help with its continued roll out in Pakistan as well.

In an interesting roll out method, Taipei City will soon have a fleet of WiMAX-enabled taxis, with the free service provided by VMAX Telecom. A big shocker came this week when Cisco announced  (CSCO)it would leave the base station building market. Proxim released its finances (PRXM.PK) for the 4Q and year end 2010 and Intel announced some of its study findings on WiMAX 2.0, including tentative deployment dates and upload/download speeds.

The downside of Cisco leaving means that a great deal of money won't be spent on developing base stations. This being said, it is a good thing for companies like Pure Wave and other smaller operations who will now have the opportunity to expand.

CTIA Wireless International takes place from March 23-25 in Las Vegas. It's another showcase experience where consumers meet and greet with insiders on the future of the wireless industry. Some key note speakers include Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, Clearwire head Bill Morrow, and Academy Award winning director James Cameron.

With Wi Tribe and Mobily contracting out work to accommodate the increase in subscribers, a good forecast for the future of WiMAX can be seen. Deployment internationally will continue to out pace Clearwire's (CLWR) attempts to launch a complete network in the U.S. and it has actually been a rather quiet time for Clearwire since releasing their finances a few weeks ago. Maybe they're waiting for a big announcement from Sprint, their majority stakeholder, before deciding on how to increase their visibility. Sprint has two rumored smart phones that are WiMAX-enabled, the HTC Supersonic and possibly one from Palm.

Devices will drive the demand for WiMAX and fast speeds should sell the service in major markets. Though India hasn't made much WiMAX news in a few days, the country has the largest population of mobile subscribers in the world and will become a major influence on how the technology is adopted by the rest of the world.

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