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I'm currently work in real-estate, and manage a small amount of owned investment rental property SFRs. Age 52. Previous Submarine naval nuclear power plant propulsion operator, Pressurized light water, S5W S3G core 3, and engineer/Electrician NEC 3354. Knowledgeable on energy, alternative... More
  • Boring Mooring, the WEC Achillies Heel 8 comments
    Aug 26, 2010 6:04 PM

    There has been a lot of discussion about the ability of a WEC design needing capacity to withstand extreme storm wave conditions. I agree this subject, and its overall successful inherent design, is paramount to the ultimate survival, and invest-ability into the WEC company who makes it. I will even go so far as to say, at the glee of the industries naysayers, that it may be the Achilles heel, as failure of the mooring system, results in catastrophic loss. The naysayers will also interject, and expound at great length the lack of actual at sea test data for specific and actual WEC applications, albeit existance of high experience and use of the systems for other non WEC applications.  It is a touchy subject, one that even I am reluctant to discuss, as it makes the WEC investment seem more of a go- no go endeavor, if you assess failure risk as high, rather than go eventually, at what price, as the mooring system is heavily depended upon for success. One good thing is, Even going back to the days of Keefs ancestors, the marauding Pirates, (in search of Elephant testicles<inside joke>?) there has been a real need for the secure and reliable ability to moor your Ocean going device (Pirate testicle collection ship), and man has been learning ever since. There is a lot of data, and different designs, materials, that have been used in various marine environments throughout mans foray into the Oceans, and a lot of mooring knowledge can be attributed to the Oil and Gas industry, gleaned thru necessity during off shore oil drilling activities, for mooring of giant oil platforms, and on station ships, in varying oceanic sub floor mediums. Some of these mooring designs have stringent conditions, due to the application to a producing oil platform, prone to leaks and spills as a result of excessive movement.  Some of these highly successful and  proven technologies can be implemented in WEC mooring technologies, with great success, and others require modifications. Obviously, the Oceans motions of surge, sway and yaw necessitate an external restoring force (mooring) in order to return or maintain  original equilibrium position and Station Keeping.  Mooring systems for WEC use have advanced as the WEC deployment location has progressed to higher wave flux. Shoreline, Nearshore, and Offshore are three common classifications.


    The two major requirements for a WEC mooring are to withstand the environmental and other loadings

    involved in keeping the device on station, and to be sufficiently cost effective so that the overall

    Economics of the device remain viable. The mooring should not adversely affect the efficiency of the device, should allow for removal of single devices with out affecting other devices, materials should be corrosion, sunlight and marine growth resistant, and of adequate strength, fatigue life and durability for the operational lifetime, and not allow tension loads on electrical transmission cables, and be of redundant design allowing failure of one line or cable without significant impact as a whole to the system.



    As we know, The OPT PowerBuoy technology comprises a semi submerged

    floating buoy consisting of an upright spar unit, surrounded by a vertically mobile toroidal

    (doughnut-shaped) float, with an onboard power conversion system and a submerged heave plate.


    The device is moored by a three point mooring system consisting of three gravity based anchors. (GBAs)

    These GBAs will be positioned in triangular orientation around the proposed test berth. An Auxiliary Subsurface Buoy (NYSE:ASB) will be attached to each GBA via a tensioned vertical mooring line made from synthetic rope. Mooring lines made from the same material will be linked in pre-tension from each ASB to the spar unit.  Each mooring line will be approximately 135m each in length. Bridle lines will be fitted between each mooring line and the base plate to further limit horizontal motion of the spar unit. The GBA design has been developed to allow cost effective deployment and retrieval using a relatively small capacity barge.


    Navigational Risk Assessment (NRA) has been undertaken for the Billia Croo site by Abbot

    Risk Consultants in line with Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s guidance

    The largest waves at Orkney originate from the 300°N offshore sector and a number of other analyses have confirmed that the 100 year return period storm wave is approximately 28m. General climate

    characteristics have been extracted from Kirkwall 1971-2000 meteorological averages with average

    annual rainfall of approximately 1030mm/year, and average annual wind speeds are recorded at 13.6

    knots (at 10m).


    Robert E. Harris, Lars Johanning, and Julian Wolfram have contributed extensively to WEC mooring design:     High suitability WEC mooring designs are outlined on pg 6, Table III, with mooring components and suitability in Table IV, pg 7.


    A Point Absorber WEC is relatively small compared to the wave length and is able to capture energy from a wave front greater than the physical dimension of the absorber  The point absorber has an advantage, in that it does not have a principal wave direction and is able to capture energy from waves arriving from any direction. Thus, Point absorber moorings can be simpler, than terminator or attenuator WEC designs, because the keeper station for the terminator or attenuator designs additionally has to allow the unit to ‘weathervane’ into predominant wave directions, but this is not necessary for point absorbers. Point Absorbers also are predominately PE absorbers, designed to capture the up and down motion of the waves, in contrast to KE absorbers, and as such also have a lower mooring footprint per KW absorption, than other designs such as terminator, or attenuator designs.

     Development of Efficient design techniques for Mooring system optimization for WEC and Arrays is ongoing. This is a study from ‘SeaChange, a marine Knowledge, R&D facility from Ireland with MCS Kenny.

     The South Western Mooring Tests Facility (SWMTF) is a unique installation funded by the South West RDA and ERDF, part of PRIMaRE

     The facility aims to significantly aid the research and development of suitable mooring configurations for wave energy devices in support of wave energy device developers and the South West RDA’s Wave Hub project. The test facility will be deployed in Falmouth Bay.

    Mooring basics

     Kevlar and steel rope mooring comparisons by DuPont

     Mooring systems

    Mooring designer


    Disclosure: Long OPTT
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  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
    , contributor
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    Hello Sailor!
    What a shame that your investment holding in OPTT blinds you to the facts.
    So called DOCTOR George Taylor (he only holds an honorary doctorate, the other 2 Doctorates that he claims to hold are bogus)
    OPTT and its associated entities have been making huge promises for many years but have NEVER delivered.
    OPTT makes claims of a vast free power resource and imply that because the float is 10 Metres wide then it will produce so many GigaWatt hours per annum based on the maps it publishes showing annual energy locations around the globe.


    This is a total exaggeration BECAUSE...
    The PowerBuoy cannot collect any energy at all if the sea state is below 1.5 Metres (which means MOST of the time)
    The wave energy rises exponentially with the wave height BUT the PowerBuoy becomes less efficient with increasing wave height due to the movement of the HEAVE PLATE which reduces the relative travel of the float.


    The PowerBuoy (or PowerPooey as I prefer to call it) has NEVER delivered any power to shore.
    It has missed every one of its deadlines.
    Even by tapping into the well intentioned but badly executed government will NEVER be economically viable.
    High maintenance, low reliability, hugely variable power output.
    Just another of the thousands of Green Energy Widgets looking for government handouts and TROUSERING investors cash.
    Why does OPTT pay its SALES TEAM millions of dollars when it still does not have a product for sale.
    The PB150 is admitted to be.......JUST A FREAKING PROTOTYPE!


    Oh, nearly forgot to mention....George Taylor come from the land down under....where scammers thrive and directors plunder.
    You know
    That makes me
    Want to CHUNDER!!
    26 Aug 2010, 08:20 PM Reply Like
  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
    , contributor
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    Someone say SCAM?


    Come and listen to a story
    Bout a man named Greg
    A poor old aging scammer
    Barely kept his fambly fed
    And then one day he was looking at his roof
    Said I'll dream me up a sunball
    And I'll say that it's the troof


    Well the sunball turned to suncube
    And to mark two three four five
    And the money kept on flowing
    It felt good to be alive
    But those customers kept asking
    When those suncubes they'd be getting
    And they started asking questions
    Bout the things Greg kept forgettin


    Like....Proof Greg
    Simple proof
    Taint hard


    Well now Greg he chucked a wobbly
    And he said you won't be gettin
    Not a single bloody suncube
    Cos it's secret...I'm not tellin
    But youse can all still buy a share
    In my solar funny farm
    And I'm keepin all the money
    So there's no cause for alarm


    Green and Gold
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 04:37 am
    Time: 1030am
    Date: 1 March 2008
    Location: SEF1 module 1 (GGE rooftop, Adelaide)
    Direct beam insolation: 750 W/m2
    Lens area: 0.98m2
    Effective direct beam insolation: 735 W/m2
    Vmp: 24 Vdc
    Imp: 9.2 Adc
    Wmp = 221 Wdc
    Cell temp: ~60 deg C
    Real world module efficiency: ~30.1%
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 08:30 am


    roversbreath = @#$%ontoast = mailreg.


    He is a constant basher of GGE and Greg, on his forums, and now on this board. According to Greg, he has offered other solar products so he either represents another PV company or sells for them.


    He OBVIOUSLY has another agenda than to be a good person and warn us against a fasle product. Like I said, Greg is getting more transparent the closer it gets to launch, and it will speak for itself.


    I put him on ignore, I suggest you do the same.


    Sentiment : Strong Buy
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 04:33 pm
    Quite wrong folks, my agenda is simply to tell the truth.
    Greg's history speaks for itself.
    SMOT silly "Free Energy" scam
    Sunball Mechanical impossibility.
    Suncube still unproven but that has not stopped Greg from asking Million dollar figures for the manufacturing rights.


    Here are a few more examples of how Greg loves to tell porkies.


    Hi Greg,


    This may be a dumb question, but where does the Sunball get power from
    for bad weather stowing and initial tracking given there it is
    unlikely to be getting electricity from solar in all of those
    circumstances ?


    Hi Andy,


    The SunBall's electronics needs VERY little power to operate. Even street
    light and moon light will drive the electronics. The drive motors need some
    light to move the SunBall. On a clear morning there is more than enough
    power even 30 minutes before dawn. The motors only need a fraction of a watt
    to drive the SunBall so if there is light the SunBall can move.


    At night is the real problem for an emergency stow due to cyclone force
    winds and that is one reason we will be offering the SunBall with a inbuilt
    AC grid connect inverter as then the electricity mains are available to
    power the SunBall if the solar input is not enough.


    All the best,
    Greg Watson
    Green and Gold Energy


    HOW TO MOUNT A SUNBALL (sounds a bit kinky to me!)


    Hi Guys,


    The 2 hours is for 4 SunBall with inbuilt inverters, an experienced
    installer, tiled roofs and AS5033 wiring standards. It does not include
    meter replacement as here in Oz that is done by the distribution
    business. It assumes the site has been checked as part of the sale
    process to locate and agree on the best roofing site with min horizonal


    The SunBall base is installed by removing a roofing tile directly above
    a roofing rafter. The production SunBall base has a square flange which
    is used to provide a seal against the roof and the SunBall base. Two
    metal straps are wrapped around and attached to the rafter. The upper
    ends are attached to the SunBall base. The AC wiring is the feed into
    the roof opening and the SunBall is then positioned onto the base and
    Greg which planet are you going to get four Sunballs installed in two hours?
    Certainly not planet Australia.
    That is complete crapiola of the highest order. With the present work place
    occupation and safety rules (OHS), you would have no chance whatsoever of
    doing the install in two hours and comply with the OHS code. Even with a
    team of people that contained specialist riggers, roofers and electricians
    etc. you would be hard pressed to impossible to achieve in two hours. Once
    you open a roof is when the fun begins.
    I would say you have done zilch/nada/nothing in the way of installs to come
    up with that dream time figure. At best one person, it would be a full days
    job - and even then you would be pushed.
    If you had any experience on installs, you would know that more than 50% of
    roofs/rooves require work before you can do anything. How do you intend to
    reinforce the roof and in particular the roof battens to cope with the extra
    Considering the majority of house roofing is Custom Orb/corrugated steel




    Doesn't really matter because the Sunball never was a reality.


    So, big question. Would Emcore accept Greg's claims at face value without doing their own checks on performance?
    I'd say quite possibly YES.
    Will they accept his order without checking his creditworthyness?
    Accepting Greg's order will do no harm to the Emcore share value and there are other buyers lining up if the order falls through.

  need to believe anything I tell you.
    Just go to Google groups and enter sunball, suncube, smot, Greg Watson or any combination of those.
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 04:53 pm
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.


    The rubaiyat - omar khayyam - 11th century


    Liar Liar
    Cubes on Fire.


    Rover D'og
    21st century
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 06:47 pm
    Fire-fire-fire-fire! cool huh-huh


    What do you know, DOG BREATH? Hope it's not on fire. LOL
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 08:20 pm
    I know EVERYTHING and if you think my breath is bad, you should smell the other end!


    But...enough of me.
    Wanna buy a harbour bridge?
    or maybe a Suncube factory


    SunCube Manufacturing License Summary
    As of 11 February 2007
    Our solar PV SunCube technology is unique in several ways and offers many significant benefits to licensees which goes well beyond the SunCube itself and addresses the very core issues facing the solar PV industry.
    1. The worlds lowest solar PV $ per watt manufacturing cost.
    2. The worlds first solar PV farm $ per kWhs price that equates to fossil fuel base load $ per kWh price.
    3. The worlds first solar PV domestic and commercial rooftop $ per kWh at less than grid supply price.
    4. The worlds lowest capital cost to setup a solar PV manufacturing plant.
    5. The worlds simplest solar PV manufacturing plant requiring just common hand tools.
    6. The worlds fastest to commission solar PV manufacturing plant.
    7. The worlds most profitable solar PV manufacturing plant, solar PV system and solar PV farms.
    8. The worlds first small MW solar PV manufacturing plant for developing nations and smaller markets.
    9. The worlds easiest, lowest cost to construct and maintain and quickest to construct solar PV farm methodology.
    That is a lot of claims but they are all 100% true.
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 08:25 pm
    But wait....there's more!


    The basic structure of the license for a 30 MW SunCube manufacturing is summarized below. Further down we have worked up an example of a 3 MW facility which may be of more interest to smaller markets.


    1. Term of the license is at least 5 years.
    2. One time upfront license fee of US$2.7 million, 50% of which is deductible as against royalty payments. This is scalable downward for plants of below 30 MWs capacity. The license fee also includes virtually unlimited consultancy services from GGE. We will come to you, redesign the SunCube for local conditions and / or suppliers if necessary, work with and train your people to get your SunCube manufacturing facility up and running ASAP and get it running right the first time.
    3. Manufacturing royalty of US$3 per cell module. For a typical 3x3 SunCube this is then US$3 x 9 cells = US$27 royalty per 3x3 SunCube. This royalty ensures GGE has a very high interest in the ongoing success of your SunCube manufacturing facility. If you make no profit, we make no profit.
    4. Each licensee will have exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for GGE s SunCube in the country and / or territory of the licensee as so agreed.
    5. Each licensee will have the right to use GGE's current SunCube IP in the form of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, design, software and expertise.
    6. Suggested manufacturing capacity is 100,000 3x3 SunCubes per year (approx 30 MW or 60 GWh per year) or as otherwise agreed. Cost effective plants can be built down to say 5 MW per year for smaller markets.
    7. Estimated capital cost, based on Adelaide conditions, for a 30 MW, 660 GWh, 100,000 3x3 SunCube per year manufacturing facility is around US$2 million (assuming the use of a leased building of 3,000m2).
    8. Staffing for a 30 MW plant is around 50 with 35 engaged in direct manufacturing efforts on a single shift basis and a production time of around 45 minutes per SunCube.
    9. Plant capacity can then be increased to say 100 MW by moving to 24 / 7 operation without any additional investment in capital equipment.
    10. To reduce manufacturing complexity, the critical SunCube solar cell receiver assembly, the pre-programmed micro processor and the inverter will be supplied by GGE. SunCube manufacturing is then very much like manufacturing domestic "White Goods" (washing machines, micro waves, stoves, etc)
    11. You do the metal punching, folding, welding (in house or contract it out), get the PCB loaded and make the lens assembly. Then you bolt on the gears, motors, PCB, wires, cell assemblies, inverter, plug in the micro and mount the lens assembly. Test and ship. Simple KISS manufacturing. No need for duplication of expensive high tech manufacturing equipment. SunCube manufacturing is similar to "white goods / domestic appliance" manufacturing, while requiring very little specialized / expensive manufacturing and / or test equipment or highly skilled workers.
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 4-Mar-08 08:36 pm
    It gets boring for a while
    But here's the juicy bit!
    License process: (modified 2 Feb 2007)


    1. You sign the GGE NDA.
    2. You visit GGE in beautiful Adelaide, inspect the SunCube and our manufacturing facility.
    3. We discuss your licensee proposal and we sign a letter of intent.
    4. You leave a 5% deposit (min US$20,000) as against the agreed license fee. <<< First payment of 5% (min US$20k) occurs here
    5. We hand over a complete BOM showing every SunCube part, it's specification, it's cost and supplier. Additionally you get an AutoCAD based set of drawing for each and every SunCube part that must be manufactured.
    6. This will enable you to ensure our costing is accurate, can be verified and can be duplicated in your country by your suppliers.
    7. We arrange to visit you with a SunCube and we work with your people to create a workable plan for your SunCube manufacturing facility.
    8. You sign the license agreement and pay 35% of the license fee. <<< Second payment of 35% occurs here
    9. We continue to work with you to get your and your external contractors ready to manufacture SunCubes.
    10. We leave and ready your first shipment of cell 450 cell assemblies and 50 micro processors (enough to make 50 SunCubes).
    11. We arrive back with your first order of cell assemblies and we work with your people to manufacture your first batch of 50 SunCubes
    12. When your locally manufactured SunCubes have passed our and your test you then pay 40% of the license fee. <<< Third payment of 40% occurs here
    13. You are now in the SunCube manufacturing and distribution business and making very good profits.
    14. Once you manufacture your next monthly batch and they have pass our and your tests you pay the last 20% of the license fee. <<< Forth payment of 20% occurs here
    15. We continue to visit every 2 months for the first year and work closely with you and your people on SunCube marketing, solar farms, future development, etc.
    16. You start to pay royalty when you manufacture SunCube 10,001.
    17. Your success is our success.


    Remember the NDA


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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 5-Mar-08 04:11 pm
    Come on Greg..lets have a little chat about the Sunpube?


    Meanwhile I'll just carry on as usual.


    I wonder how Square Engineering in INDIA are getting on.
    Let's have a look.


    GGE SunCube™ Solar Appliances (Designed and Manufactured in South Australia)


    600 kWh/pa 3x3 SunCube™ Solar Appliance (Model GGE600AC)


    * Rs. 90000.00 for Indian customers
    * Availability In India by September 2007
    * Packing, Shipping and Installation extra
    * Shipping size approx 950 x 950 x 250 mm, weight approx 15 kg
    * Output 240 Vac, 1 Amp, 50 Hz using an in-built AS4777 approved grid connect inverter.
    * We will arrange installation by SE trained and experienced solar installers.
    * Prices do not include packing and shipping
    26 Aug 2010, 08:41 PM Reply Like
  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
    , contributor
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    Get your GREEN WIDGET now!!


    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 5-Mar-08 06:42 pm
    La la la la la!
    I've been hearing complaints for a few years about people getting
    ripped off by a guy in Australia with a an overunity kit (at least it's
    not much money) - he promised refunds and apparently hasn't delivered.
    The following is some discussion on the Newman list:


    >From: CHRIS KUELZOW <ckuelzow@...>
    >Reply-To: "Newman-L Mailing List" <newman-l@...>
    >To: "Newman-L Mailing List" <newman-l@...>
    >Subject: Re: [jlnlabs] Greg Watson not on Institute For New Energy site?
    >Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 19:41:36 -0500
    >Greg Watson has been totally unresponsive. Over the last year or so I
    >have made many unsuccessful efforts to contact him. (I am among the
    >hopeful fools who sent him money for a SMOT kit.) Good luck getting
    >your reputation back Mr. Watson.
    >Stefan Hartmann wrote:
    > >
    > > It seems Greg Watson has disappeared after his SMOT delivery debacle
    > > and not refunding about 25 people...
    > >
    > > His last valid email address I can remember was:
    > >
    > > gowatson@...
    > >
    > > Regards, Stefan.
    > >
    > > HLafonte@... schrieb:
    > > >
    > > > I may not have looked in the right places, but I can not find anything
    > > > Greg Watson at the Institute For New Energy Site. Anyone know why
    >this Greg
    > > > is not on the site?
    > > > The SMOT stuff should not keep his other work from being listed.
    >What's the
    > > > deal anybody know?
    > > > Butch LaFonte
    > > >
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 5-Mar-08 07:12 pm
    Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 10:51:27 +0930
    From: Greg Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Subject: Simple Ou Device Offline


    Hi All,


    Sorry to say, but my patent attorney has pulled the plug.


    By the way, I closed the loop late last night!
    It is sort of ramp based. Not much power yet.
    It has been running (self powered) for 12 hours
    now. Must close now.


    I will post again as soon as posible.


    To all thouse of you who have built ramps, all I
    can say is get three linked ramps working and
    then study the second (middle) ramp. Think outside
    the square.


    Best Regards Greg Watson Consulting [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    Greg Watson Adelaide, S. Australia 61 8 8270 2737 Home/Office/Fax


    Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 08:15:26 +0930
    From: Greg Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Subject: Simple Rotary Ou Device


    Hi All,


    Just a short note to try to answer those questions I can.


    1) There is NO outside power source.


    2) The device contains only ceramic magnet and
    ferromagnetic materials (some balsa, a few
    bearings and some plactic "U" channel as well).


    3) The device produces rotary torque. Can be
    stopped with very little pressure from two
    fingers on a steel 4mm shaft.


    4) The device has been moved to the middle of
    my lounge and my back garden. It still works.


    5) The device will not auto start. However the
    energy necessary to start is only that required
    to overcome friction.


    6) I don't think the device is worthy of a Nobel
    or my picture on Business Week. I know of several
    other devices (Finstrud, Gary, Kawai,Bob Shannon's
    Barkenhausen Effect Battery and many US patents)
    which show magnetic devices can do work. For
    some strange reason, we seem to "Not want to
    believe" or maybe just want to believe in our
    own area of research as the "One true path".


    7) I have posted enough details and ideas for
    those of you who REALLY want to duplicate the
    device to do so. Read my postings.


    8) Much work still remains to be able to light
    a 1 watt bulb. When I can do that, I will make
    available through Stephan's and Bill's OU web
    sites a Mpeg of the device working. If I can't
    light a bulb, it will still make a nice toy and
    maybe a starting place for someone else.


    9) The magnets don't appear to be getting weaker
    or colder, but then I am not generating much
    power yet.


    10) I still call the effect DNMEC (Direct Nuclear
    Magnetic Energy Conversion).




    Like my flux gate
    DNMEC effect, both these effects revolve around
    ferromagnetic and magnet interactions. I believe
    the Kawai motor is another variation of the DNMEC
    effect (like the Rod & Coil we discussed earlier).


    Come on guys (and gals), start thinking outside
    of the square. There is always more than one way
    to crack eggs.


    Stop talking .............. BUILD SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!


    Best Regards Greg Watson Consulting [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    Greg Watson Adelaide, S. Australia 61 8 8270 2737 Home/Office/Fax


    (((((((((((((((((( ( ( ( ( (O) ) ) ) ) )))))))))))))))))))
    William J. Beaty SCIENCE HOBBYIST website
    billb at amasci com
    EE/programmer/sci-exhi... amateur science, hobby projects, sci fair
    Seattle, WA 206-789-0775 unusual phenomena, tesla coils, weird sci
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 5-Mar-08 07:21 pm
    ok, rovesbreath, dog@#$%ontoast, and whatever other IDs you have. The only reason I am responding to you, is b/c my wife is out of town, I am bored and you are annoying the hell out of me (not necessarily in that order).


    WE GET IT!!! You hate Greg and everything he stands for. You dont think the suncube is real and you dont think it will work.


    He is releasing it at THE CPV conference in Madrid in April where ALL of the world's experts on CPV tech will be there. If he makes up an excuse not to go or is railed by the attendees, I will join your bandwagon. Until then, quit posting this crap.


    Sentiment : Strong Buy
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 6-Mar-08 04:00 pm
    Hi Mr Mulletman.
    I'm so sorry to have annoyed you.
    I don't hate anyone.
    I hate being SCAMMED, and I hate to see other people being scammed.
    Has Greg repented, apologised, or changed his ways?
    Not judging by the latest minor porky


    Posted by: "Greg Watson" greg.watson@greenandgo... greenandgoldenergy
    Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:17 pm (PST)
    Puts the sun's power into perspective? Dave I can put a piece of 18 gauge copper wire across the output of a SunCube and see it MELT. Now that is POWER.


    No Greg....that is BULL@#$%.
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 7-Mar-08 04:46 pm
    The BIG question.
    Since it is so easy to see that Greg Watson is a compulsive liar
    and has a history of deception going back over many years,
    WHY did Emcore accept his ridiculous claims without any proof that the Suncube does what it should?


    I might be a Greg basher, but Greg has been bashing "flatties"
    solar thermal, hot rocks, genuine CPV companies etc etc
    for years.


    Rover....wonderdog down under
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 7-Mar-08 06:22 pm
    Dogbreath, do you have ANY proof of this statement?:


    "WHY did Emcore accept his ridiculous claims without any proof that the Suncube does what it should?"


    Your conviction and perseverance on this board is killing your credibility.


    2nd hand information from other message boards is not enought to convince me that there is a performance issue with the sun-cube.


    Validate yourself or give it up dude!


    Someone needs to call the dog catcher!


    Sentiment : Strong Buy
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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 8-Mar-08 01:57 am
    No problem
    Key performance claim for the Suncube is 700Kwh per year "SHE"
    "Solar Harvest Efficiency" claimed by Greg.
    Suncube was advertised on GGE website with that performance claim at a firm price of about $1500.
    Using a variant of the "bait and switch" Greg boasted 4000+ orders for Suncube Mk 7.
    Using those orders as bait, Watson then sucked in naive investors as licensees.


    The Suncube Mk 8.5? is more expensive and does not have the grid coneect inverter.


    The SHE is a simple multiplication of the insolation and the maximum efficiency of the Emcore cell.


    Neither the performance figures nor the reliability/maintenance costs of the Suncube can be substantiated.


    Greg's record of lies is archived in many web locations.


    If I was questioning the veracity of claims by General Motors
    I would be a hero.
    Because I challenge the veracity of Green & Gold Energy
    I am a "spoiler"??


    And if you think I should reveal my real must be about as silly as Greg.




    woof again






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    Re: SunCube Launch on Sunday 8-Mar-08 02:50 pm
    Two weeks to the great Madrid Suncube launch.
    It's SHOWTIME again.
    Will it be the same as Adelaide.


    (from the SunGrid forum)
    Re: Back on Track........Almost


    That's strange
    Greg ignored the question
    I'll ask again.
    Will you have a WATTMETER connected to a standalone Suncube so that
    you can prove it works?
    Totalised watthours for the day would be even nicer.


    ( bites)


    Come on Greg
    Here's your chance for some great publicity.
    If it works as claimed then I look like an idiot and you look like the genius who will save the world.
    If it doesn't work then we can all "move on" as my therapist would say.
    veritas vos liberabit


    There will be a watt meter, volt meter & amp meter. Effective peak noon
    solar input will be around 780 W/m2. Come & see the output for yourself if
    you have the guts, which I doubt you have.


    Go home Doggie Boy. No one needs you. In fact you don't matter. Never did.
    Never will. All you do is flap your lips about things you know totally
    nothing about and only imagine you do. I predict you will somehow report on
    the viewing but you will not identify yourself to me. Show me you are a man
    and can take what you give out. I'll be there with a SunCube and all the
    measuring gear. For you Doggie Boy it is "Put up or Shut up time".


    As for this group's owner, I have little respect when you allow this guy and
    others to make unsubstianted slander against me, my company and my product.
    It is as if you actually encourage this type of activity. I do suggest you
    need to look into your own liability here.


    This is my last post here. I will unsubscribe as I have much better things
    to do than spend my time here.


    All the best,
    Green and Gold Energy Pty., Ltd
    Greg Watson, CEO
    7 Provident Avenue, Glynde, 5070
    South Australia, Australia, +61 8 8365 5844


    Re: Green City Festival - Suncube launch


    Well, I'm disappointed but not surprised.


    No metering of output? No powering of flashy AV presentation?


    Anything bar the loose wires dangling beneath?


    Oh well, such is life. I do still hope Mr Watson pulls it off, but with
    each promise broken, with each deadline missed, Greg loses more
    credibility........with me anyway. I do sincerely hope the bloke proves
    me wrong.


    By the way, I just searched GGEs new ANZ distributor. The mysterious
    Zolar Distributors. (Sounds like a James Bond movie).


    Zolar has a web site (which is only a few weeks old)
    Zolar has only an email address listed on the web site for contact.
    Zolar does not have a listed phone number with Telstra (Sensis).
    Zolar has a registered address which appears to be a private residence
    in a very residential type neighbourhood (no SunCubes visible on the
    roof via a google earth search) and no flashy showroom in sight.


    This does not look good for investors. Has anyone that listed on GGEs
    expressions of interest link been contacted by Zolar yet as Greg


    Looks to me like Rovers dogged persistence (no pun intended) was in
    fact warranted........poten... investors, do your due diligence checks


    26 Aug 2010, 09:00 PM Reply Like
  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
    , contributor
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    Sailor Boy and Troutman versus Keef.
    Hear Sailor Boy spout mountains of techno-babble and say rude things.


    Hear Keef state the bleedin obvious.


    Who will win this battle of the century,,,,,,,,Nucular Sailor Boy
    Or Keef (Mad-Dog) Wivanef



    Keep on pumping Sailor...the bilges are filling up !!
    27 Aug 2010, 03:48 AM Reply Like
  • Cliff Courson
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » know as well as I do, that all your references to Suncube, GGE, Greg Watson and whatever else that is affiliated with the previous failed solar adventure you were a strong detractor of, has absolutely nothing to do with Ocean Wave Energy, Wave Power, WEC design, or OPTT specifically. All it is is NOISE, and you know it. You are throwing up red flags from an industry that has absolutely no connection to OPTT or electrical generation from Wave power.
    I don't say rude things, until you come up with a plethora of of base Elephant testicle references, Hillbilly poems, and silly inuindoes from 'down under'. I actually enjoy some of your rebuttal's, when they are briefly on topic, and relevant. I also enjoy your attempts (even if they are not exact) to discredit the technology thru the math calculations, physics formulae, and other practical scientific endeavor(s), as it gives me a chance to run the numbers myself, and make any corrections in your estimations, math, formulae, spec misreads, or assumptions, and attempt to show the most correct conclusion.
    My intention, is to show the potential of this industry, and illuminate the Company as a viable and eventually non-subsidized economic contender in the field of electrical generation from Ocean waves, as global electrical demand only increases, primarily on coastal geography where close-in marine generation has a distribution cost advantage, that can be either 'passed on' to the consumer, or is higher 'profits' for the Utility using this form of generation, and carbon based generation supplies diminish pushing up costs, while production and technology improvements in this arena continue to advance, pushing costs down.
    27 Aug 2010, 07:03 PM Reply Like
  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
    , contributor
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    Thank you indeed for such a polite post.
    Now I will politely explain why I believe OPTT is yet another green scam.


    Doctor George Taylor has been making a nice living from the concept of his PowerBuoy since 1984


    George W. Taylor


    Executive Chairman of the Board
    Ocean Power Technologies
    Pennington , NJ


    Dr. George W. Taylor has served as our Executive Chairman since January 2009. Prior to January 2009, Dr. Taylor had served as our chief executive officer since 1993 and as a director since 1984, when he co-founded our company. From 1990 to 2004, Dr. Taylor was our president, and from 1984 to 1990, he was our vice president.


    POWER BUOY...25 YEARS later and STILL only a fantasy!!


    It has been admitted by OPTT that the PB150 is still only a prototype and they will be wanting more money to develop the next version which is the PB500.


    IF George W Taylor is indeed passionate about saving our small blue planet for his grandchildren (blah de blah) then would it not be possible for him to draw a more modest salary until such time as the experimental phase of PowerBuoy development is completed?


    Since the company raised $100M from the IPO would it not be better to use the bulk of that money for product development rather than putting it into a foreign bank account and using the interest to pay the bloated salaries of the old boys on the board?


    What has attracted my attention to the wave energy industry is that it has so many things in common with the Concentrating Photovoltaic Industry - CPV.


    Neither the wave-widget industry nor the CPV industry have invented anything new.
    Both ideas have been around for a long time.


    Conventional solar and wind power are mature technologies whose price/performance has improved enough that they are almost commercially viable even without government handouts.


    In both wave and CPV industries there are hundreds of companies all claiming that their wave widget or CPV widget is the best and they just need a teensey bit more money (say $100M) to commercialize it.


    Greg Watson is just one example of how far you can go using the BIG FAT LIE principle.
    It is not a harmless fantasy...Greg Watson's franchisees are still trying to suck in even more dumb investors to play pass the parcel.


    I am proud to say that I find that DISGUSTING!


    What wave widgets and CPV share is that they are infested with scammers.
    27 Aug 2010, 10:39 PM Reply Like
  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
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    Simple really......
    SunCube ...CPV widget ....coming soon, send MUNNY....




    PowerBuoy......same old thing.......need ....gasp...truffles, truffles.....nnnnnneed TRUFFLES......
    28 Aug 2010, 04:13 AM Reply Like
  • keefwotspeaksthetroof
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    28 Aug 2010, 09:02 PM Reply Like
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