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AOL And Maps...

|Includes:AOL Inc. (AOL)

Once upon a time I used AOL Maps to find a destination. More then

once it got me lost. Once by more then twenty miles...

You ask where ?

It was in Orlando on Vacation

when I typed in a Golf Course and the directions where about twenty

miles out of town.

turns out the Golf course was owned by Marriott and was just five blocks

from where we were staying.

ever since then I have used Google maps with some good results and

some not so good.

Now to find out just how good maps can be you have to go to Nokia's

NavTeq ...

HERE is just miles ahead of what anyone has done with maps and is now

in several car makers gps system.

Should AOL hang on to an antiquated maps application or sell it ??

Disclosure: I am long AOL, NOK.

Stocks: AOL