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Sure Dividend Strategy April Performance

|Includes:The Coca-Cola Company (KO), MCD, WMT, XOM

For the month of April, the Sure Dividend strategy did well. The chart below shows recommendations from our previous newsletter, along with how they are performing against the total stock market (as measured by the ETF SPY).

Comparisons are virtually worthless over short time frames (like the 1 month above). 3 years and longer is a fair time frame to judge performance.

With that being said, 7 out of 10 recommendations are outperforming the market. All 10 have positive returns. Out performance will not happen every month. There will be good months and bad months (as there are with any investing strategy).

Typically, high quality dividend stocks outperform during bear markets and slightly under perform during bull markets. Over a long-horizon, I believe the total return of the Sure Dividend strategy will outpace the total return of the stock market, with significantly less volatility. Each month, I will post the performance for the previous month

The stocks on this list are from April; there have been changes to the list since April. Please do not use this list as an investment guide. It should only be used to gauge the performance of the Sure Dividend strategy.

On or before the first Monday of each month, subscribers to the Sure Dividend newsletter receive the most timely high quality dividend stock recommendations. The most recent newsletter (May edition) went out May 4th. If you are interested in investing in high quality dividend growth stocks systematically, visit the Sure Dividend subscribe page.

Stocks: KO, XOM, WMT, MCD