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QASP Today Proved A Perfect Example Of The Dangers Of Hype In The World Of Penny Stocks.

|Includes:Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (QASP)

I have been investing for the past 15 years and never in my life have a seen the sort of hype and excitement that surrounded QASP (Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.) today. We have all come to know well, that Penny Stocks often tend to trade more on hype, excitement, and the occasional promotion, more so than they do on real company growth and future prospects but what I saw today, took things to a whole new level, while yielding very few results. As is often the case increased hype with these stocks, is often because there is some nefarious force behind the promotion, with an interest only in selling against investors. The trickery in all of this is that you never really know, if there is some major selling force, unless you are sent by the source to generate interest, so these companies are almost always extreme gambles. With the interest generated today for QASP, it stands to reason that the start of all of this excitement stemmed from a negative selling force and as such, things have not been going well for those that bought into the heightened expectations.

QASP at a glance, is a great company, with well meaning management, interested in seeing the very best for their investors. Whether or not they are the originators of the incredible increase in interest in trading today, is absolutely unknown but what can be said, is that if it does turn out to have been by their own hand, investors may want to tread carefully here. The increase in interest came with more searches for "QASP," online, than have ever been done before, as well as significantly heightened chatter, surrounding the company than ever before. With so much major attention building, even we believed that it was finally time to release a full on Alert for QASP, through Penny Stock Dream, announcing it as a major contender in today's Penny Stock Newsletter announcement, as being our Top Penny Stock Pick. Were we wrong? There really is no way to tell. At the beginning of the day, QASP traded powerfully, suggesting to many that the heightened expectations were right on the money but to the dismay of many, the stock hit even and then even fell down for about 100% gains. Not quite the massive push that we had all expected, even with more than 200 million shares traded by the middle of the trading day.

We continue to believe that there is a great deal of upside to QASP, especially if they do indeed complete their first expected medical marijuana deal soon. Considering that they have been up-listed to the Pink Sheets Current Tier of the OTC, there is a great deal of expectation, that we may continue to see increased trading here.

While we continue to hold high expectations here, today has humbled and reminded us, that we should all be wary of significant hype, when it comes to these plays. None of use ever know who the people behind this advertising efforts may be and though our own efforts were purely for the purpose of doing right by shareholders, there are always others out there that mean to be nefarious beings within these markets, so we must all remember to operate with caution, especially when it comes to Investing within the Penny Stock Market. We highly suggest that you continue to watch QASP closely because there is still a great deal of upside potential here but at the same time, we want today to serve as a significant reminder to be wary of buying into hyped expectations. Remember that you can sign up to receive our Top Penny Stock Newsletter Alerts, at Penny Stock Dream, so that you can stay up to date on our very Best Penny Stock Picks. and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser's in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer for this announcement here:

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