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Megatrend Feature: Healthcare Infotechnology

|Includes:CERN, Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (CPSI), CTG, IGTE, SRX, SYNT

There are a couple of things we need to know about US healthcare even if we are just scratching the issues that surrounded it.
1) Congress wants a single payer that will absolutely be responsible for all healthcare payments.
2) "Blue dogs" or the fiscally responsible democrats says public option is not mandatory anymore.
3) There is a small business exception wherein if you only make $500,000 or less a year, you are not required to carry insurance
4) Senate had a completely separate bill with regards to healthcare
5) They want 50 cooperatives that are non-profit as self-insurance pools all over the country therefore pitting the governments role as funder of billions for these cooperatives

Whatever the decision would be, America needs to cut their healthcare costs because they cannot fund this any more longer than they are funding the bailouts that they asked the public to pay.

What I see here is a legitimization of a megatrend that we should invest in and that is the healthcare cost cutting through Healthcare Infotechnology.

Companies under the Healthcare Infotechnology industry offer services and products that enable hospitals and other healthcare units to concentrate on their core competencies. Most are basically software or medical instruments company that automate everything from non-core activities in the hospital like accounting and billing to facilitating data integration with diagnostics. Some are like outsourcing companies that manage everything outside of any hospital's core services.

Here is list of several stocks under the this megatrend:
CPSI Computer Program and Systems Inc.
CERN Cerner Corp.
SYNT Syntel Inc.
CTGX Computer Task Group Inc.
IGTE iGate Corp
SRX SRA International Inc.

RPFundmanager does not own any of these stocks but plans to buy some of them on pullbacks.