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BBQ Costs Are Going Up. Who Will Be He Winners?

As the weather warms up around the country, more Americans are firing up their grills. Watch it!!! the costs to host a barbecue will likely increase.

The inflation adjusted price for many ingredients essential to a barbecue - everything from ribs to chiken are going up up and away. Overall food prices in March increased 0.4% from last month (compared with 0.2% from all items), and a seasonally unadjusted 1.7% from last year (compared to 1.5%) according to core CPI data this Tuesday. Moreover, many of the hardest hit foods are classic grilling staples like burgers and ribs, as meat, including beef, poultry and fish rose 1% from last month. In fact, one of the biggest shocks that consumers hoping to host a barbecue will see is in the price of beef, as already, retail beef prices hit an all-time high this year. What's more, ground beef prices climbed 2.2% and steak prices 2.6% since February, according to March CPI data released Tuesday. The reasons for these sky high beef prices include cattle herds being at near 63-year lows. Ouch!

So which stocks should benefit?

Brian Poncelet