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Trading Tips For Monday, 4/21/2014

|Includes:Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH), ENH, RNR, RRC

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Below is a sample of trade opportunities that we have identified for next Monday(4/21/2014).

Long opportunities: Community Health Systems(NYSE:CYH) and Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.(NYSE:ENH).

CYH stock reached 52-week low and ended nearly flat on 04/17/14 after a two-day drop.

ENH has dropped 5 days in a row and the candlestick chart pattern shows a likely reversal of the downturn trend.

The full analysis of CYH stock is here: CYH

The full analysis of ENH stock is here: ENH

Short sell opportunities: RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.(NYSE:RNR) and Range Resources Corp.(NYSE:RRC).

RNR reached 52-week high and has closed higher 5 days in a row.

RRC reached 52-week high today.

The candlestick chart patterns of both stocks show that reversal of the uptrend is likely.

The full analysis of RNR stock is here: RNR

The full analysis of RRC stock is here: RRC

The analysis of other stocks can be accessed at List of Stocks.


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Stocks: CYH, ENH, RNR, RRC