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Is The World Ready

|Includes:Tesla Motors (TSLA)

Are we........Im somewhat skeptical that people overall are ready for new technology that will help us, and our planet at the same time making huge amounts of money for business and investors.

Tesla has been the company to bring that tech to us in a bold way. Although be it quick profit taking and greed that may stand in the way. Im certainly a novice when it comes to investments however looking thru my reality glasses Tesla, and its potential are there for all of us to benefit from.

Lets take a look thru those glasses, shall we.

If there where as many charging stations in each state, as there where gas stations for combustion engines; this is what we could potentially see.

Change your battery in your car

provide 24 hour a day power back to the grid via battery banks charged by solar and wind power. Basically mini power plants that leave a zero carbon foot print.

Google based free WIFI powered by the sun turning each of these power stations into a hub.

So many little power plants all across our country providing clean safe power and potentially thousands of jobs with certainly millions more secondary jobs.

Make each charging station a Amazon,Fed Ex, Ups delivery point all across the US. Saving millions of gallons of fuel by changing the way we deliver goods. Putting a landing pad for delivery drones on each one. Instead of delivering to each home you can select a drop point for your package and simply pick it up when you recharge. There will be one near almost everyone cutting down driving for everyone.

Extending our oil supplies for hundreds of years. Face reality, we need to do it for the planet and for the economies of the world. It will take a long time to transition from fossil fuels to cleaner technology, and to do it safely.

Closing of all of the coal power plants in the US which will shed tons of green house gases from our atmosphere.

Closing all of our nuclear power plants one by one safely will be our biggest benefit. Bigger than all of the rest combined as these do nothing but create waste that can't be properly disposed of.

Extend the fossil fuels for years will come with huge benefits that short term greed cannot resolve. Our ability to clean up our environment while still making money is priceless. After all we are a long time away from making long haul trucks, and cargo ships run on batteries and other tech. So we need to reserve our oil for the long term. If you and you're children's children could make money on these oil stocks that would be huge. It would also give us national security that would save our economy from spikes that threaten us each time there is a world event. It would take the wind out of terrorist sails if they could no longer hold the world hostage with a conflict in a oil country.

Many more ideas can come from this one creative idea. Mine would be franchise each charging station. The ability to make it entrepreneurial will bring a lot of amazing things. If you could buy a Tesla charging station as an investment I would be the first one on line. You could have many revenue streams from one franchise based investment. Each power plant would become its own individual company.

Tesla is definitely outside the box. However Im just one of those that thinks its time to throw away the box and create a better place that everyone can benefit from. Yes even investors have to see the overall potential of this, and all of its additional revenue streams and secondary stock potentials. Im also sure Im not alone in thinking this is certainly a great long term bet.

Disclosure: I am long TSLA.

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