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Sizing Up the Potential Geothermal Investments

|Includes:HTM, Alternative Earth Resources Inc. (NGLPF), ORA, RZTIQ

Given the government backing geothermal now under the Obama administration, there are only two investments in my book that make perfect sense financially and four if you are a high risk gambler.  Ormat (NYSE:ORA) is the 800# gorilla in geothermal and builds power plants for other geothermal players like the current ahead of schedule plant for Nevada Geothermal.  Ormat builds geothermal plants and also owns and runs alot of geothermal power in multiple countries tapping into the earths core for making base load electricity.

Nevada Geothermal is a small pure play on clean geothermal power plant electricity production.   The Blue Mountain Faulkner I plant is 3 months ahead of schedule and will begin testing start up late July and will produce 49mw's of clean power all purchased by Nevada Power.   This race to power for NGLPF.ob allows Nevada Geothermal to refinance existing loan which will allow expansion at Faulkner I to make Faulkner II since the transmission line is built and already installed to carry 110MW's.

For those with riskier tastes, now might be perfect time for an entry into Razer (RZ) which diluted existing shareholders to the core dropping the past price 40% in past few days.  RZ has some great ideas but a poor balance sheet to complete the great ideas.

US Geothermal (NYSEMKT:HTM) is a past rocket ride in investing and is currently down 15% from its recent spike north.   HTM won a federal government low interest loan for a project two years down the road which at least will make their path on the balance sheet a much easier ride.  Untill HTM produces power, they are going to print red ink and I prefer to invest into ORA or NGLPF.ob which are on a faster track to power and profits.

Disclosure :: LONG NGLPF.ob, ORA